ABSOLUTE CARNAGE Seeps Into MARVEL COMICS Early With Post-Credits Pages Across The Line

Marvel Comics August 2019 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

10 Marvel Comics titles will have unsolicited "post-credit stories" that will lead into the Absolute Carnage event series. Each book will have its own new, on-page story titled "Everone is a Target" - alluding to Carnage's mission in the event to kill everyone who has ever hosted a symbiote.

These "Everyone is a Target" post-credit stories will begin in June with Amazing Spider-Man #24, Deadpool #14, Symbiote Spider-Man #3, Fantastic Four #11, and Venom #15.

Five additional books in July will carry new, one-page Absolute Carnage lead-ins as well: Invaders #7, Avengers #22, Black Cat #2, Captain Marvel #8, and Immortal Hulk #20.

Marvel previously employed this form of storytelling with the return of Wolverine in several early 2018 books.

"Everyone is a Target" begins with June 12's Venom #15 and Symbiote Spider-Man #3.

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