Classic Kirby Character Joins LEVIATHAN in ACTION COMICS #1011 - Spoilers

Action Comics #1011
Credit: Steve Epting/Brad Anderson (DC)
Credit: Steve Epting (DC)

The Guardian is the latest hero being recruited by Leviathan, and Amanda Waller is running solo... but Lois Lane is going public with the story of DC’s many secret organizations and their demise at the hand of Leviathan.

Drawn by Steve Epting, Action Comics #1011 sets the stage for this summer’s Event Leviathan, an six-issue series by Action Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev.

In DCU history, Leviathan was previously an organization associated with Talia Al Ghul, and then was linked to the secret organization Spyral in Grayson.

But there appears to be someone new running the show at Leviathan, and they has been destroying most of the other secret organizations in the DCU (including Kobra, CADMUS, A.R.G.U.S., and the D.E.O.) while also trying to recruit characters like Batgirl and Green Arrow.

The clues about the identity of the Leviathan leader have been dropped in previous issue of Action, culminating in Damian Wayne’s declaration in DC: Year of the Villain #1 that Red Hood/Jason Todd is a prime suspect.

While Action Comics #1011 doesn’t address the Red Hood theory, the issue does offer a few more clues about Leviathan and the way they are recruiting DC characters to be part of their clandestine organization.

Let’s take a look at spoilers to learn more:


Credit: Steve Epting/Brad Anderson (DC)

Will the Real Manhunter Please Stand Up?

After the now-standard first-page image of a Daily Planet desktop (with cryptic clues about Event Leviathan), the story kicks off with everyone’s fan-favorite mommy character Manhunter.

Readers learn that Manhunter is being pursued by Maggie Sawyer, her special crimes unit and the FBI.

Why? Because in a previous issue, Leviathan used a Manhunter disguise to infiltrate the D.E.O. and kill Director Bones.

But when the feds break into Kate Spencer’s apartment, Manhunter kicks butt, as usual, and escapes.

That said, she realizes that she’s going to need to lawyer up.


Credit: Steve Epting/Brad Anderson (DC)

Secrets Revealed

In London, after Lois and Clark’s espionage last issue went sideways, Lois has disappeared. It turns out that Agent Tiger of Spyral has invisibility technology that even Superman can’t penetrate.

After he and Lois duck into an alley, Tiger secretly gives Lois some type of drive that contains “every secret, every name — the story of Spyral.”

Tiger’s ticked off because the leaders of Spyral knew Leviathan was coming, but didn’t warn any of their agents. Realizing that Lois is The Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane, he decides to expose the information. “Tell the truth,” he says before running away. “It’s all we have left.”

Superman finds Lois and they fly away. But they realize they need to go back for Tiger.

Credit: Steve Epting/Brad Anderson (DC)

Too late. Tiger is toast.

Spyral is now the latest intelligence organization to fall, joining D.E.O. CADMUS, and A.R.G.U.S.

Lois still needs a second source for her story, so she tracks down Huntress, who is a former agent of Spyral herself.

Helena’s somewhat shocked by the news of Spyral falling and Tiger being gone. But she’s mostly surprised that Lois and Clark are putting any kind of trust in Amanda Waller.

Seriously, Why Would You Trust Amanda Waller?

Clark and Lois head back to the Fortress of Solitude and Huntress was right. Amanda Waller is gone, and she stole some of the tech housed at the Fortress.

After a quick cuddle from Clark, Lois gathers what she needs to write her story.

The scene switches to the hospital bed where the Guardian is recovering from his dust-up with the Red Cloud. He hears on the radio that Elongated Man is under arrest and he tells a doctor in his room that he’s ready to get back on the streets.

Credit: Steve Epting/Brad Anderson (DC)

But it isn’t a doctor. It’s the new Leviathan, using their face-disguising technology and offering Guardian a place in the “new order.”

Back at the Fortress, Lois, Clark, and Jimmy are discussing the latest developments. Lois asks, why is Leviathan taking out the spies and not the spymasters? Clark asks, where are the bodies? (But he gives the Question credit for that idea.)

Making Things “Not Be”

Clark explains: When he threw the Leviathan-controlled attacker into space, he experienced its explosive attack and studied the energy that came from it. The energy did destroy or disintegrate. It merely made things “not be.”

The three of them turn their attention to Amanda Waller’s escape. Jimmy Olsen got a photo of her before she punched him and ran. Lois decides to use Amanda’s photo for her story.

Credit: Steve Epting/Brad Anderson (DC)

Action Comics #1011 concludes with the questions that lead into the upcoming Event Leviathan: “Who is Leviathan? What do they want? And what happens tomorrow?”

The story continues May 29 with Superman: Leviathan Rising Special #1.

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