Word Balloon: JT KRUL Talks Green Arrow, Arsenal, More

Image by Mauro Cascioli

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On this episode of the word balloon podcast, writer JT Krul talks about his current and future projects.

We discuss his successful mini-series Blackest Night Teen Titans and the subsequent Teen Titans story featuring Deathstroke, Jericho and Ravager.

"Geoff  (Johns) was heavily involved in the Blackest Night Titans mini and the Deathstroke Family Teen Titans story... It's the ability to take advantage of this big story and show the little moments that make these stories fun for me...these are key members in the Titans world and to have them bear their feelings and expose themselves to each other by the Black Lanterns was a moment you may not normally have the space or time to explore."

We'll also preview his 40 page one shot Justice League Rise and Fall co written with James Robinson, the upcoming Arsenal mini series Justice League The Rise Of Arsenal and Krul's run on Green Arrow beginning with issue #31.

"We've seen Roy losing his arm in the CRY FOR JUSTICE mini series, and as far as Ollie goes there are events still to come that will force him to go through his own crisis...I just think it's a fulfilling journey for these guys. It's important to see characters like this tested and see what they are made of. Both will have to take stock of the challenges they face, and who they want to be."

Krul will also preview his new Aspen Comics modern day espionage series Mindfield, which debuts with a #0 issue in April.

"Mindfield is my first creator owned book through Aspen...The CIA forms a group of telepathic agents to be the ultimte form of wire tapping to combat domestic terrorisim in the U.S. It's not a superhero story. It's as real world as you can get with telepathy. I'm kind of gleaning some stuff from what the CIA did in the 50's and 60's they actually had a program called MK Ultra using LSD as a truth serum on enemy agents to interrogate them and then make them forget that they were ever questioned."

We wrap up talking about Krul's TV days on the production crew of Seinfeld, and his view of where network episodic television is, and may be going in the seasons to come.

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