WATCHMEN International Reprint Gets Lenticularized

Watchmen #1
Credit: Dave Gibbons
Credit: Dave Gibbons (DC)

DC is adjusting the Watchmen "International Edition" collection solicited back in April 2019. The publisher states that the book was "incorrectly" listed as a hardcover for $24.99, but in fact will be a trade paperback for $29.99.

Credit: Dave Gibbons (DC)

The good news in all of this is that the book will now come with lenticular front and back covers, and a cover callout to the upcoming HBO series.

DC's Watchmen "International Edition" is scheduled for release August 21.

A non-lenticularized TPB edition of Watchmen - with the HBO callout - is scheduled to debut August 28. The previous edition, without the HBO callout, remains in stock at Diamond Comic Distributors.

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