TOM KING Exiting BATMAN This Year - Report

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Update: Comic book Direct Market retailer Ryan Higgins has tweeted that DC has confirmed the King-Batman news with him "directly," reporting King's run will end "towards the end of the year, short of his long talked-about 100 issue run."

CBR reports that an unnamed source has informed them that Batman writer Tom King will be leaving the series by the end of 2019. King's relationship with DC would continue however, with "several new, unnannounced projects for this year and next" planned. CBR previously attributed the information to "a DC source," but have updated the article to remove that.

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool published a rumor that King's 100+-issue run on Batman would instead end with #85, due to decision makers at DC and Warner Bros.

King joined Batman with the line-wide "Rebirth" relaunch in May 2016. Joshua Williamson previously stepped in to write and co-wrote two arcs of Batman, with King saying his time for Batman was limited due to his work on Heroes in Crisis and an announced TV project.

This report of King's premature departure from Batman comes nine days after King teased a major change to the character in event occuring in July's #75 that would change Batman in a major way.

“It’s something that’s going to change the character for a generation, or maybe more. Maybe forever,” King told The Hollywood Reporter. “I never thought we’d get this kind of stuff approved; when you’re working with a corporate character, you think you’re going to have to reset. But this is a change that’s going to shake the world of Batman and it’s going to leave my mark on the character.”

At the time, King said that the "City of Bane" arc would run from Batman #75 to #82, with "a kind of aftermath story" from #83 to #87, with King's coda to the arc (and his run) lasting "15 issues or so."

Neither DC or Tom King have confirmed today's reports and rumors.

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