New JUSTICE LEAGUE Logo Coming with #25 - And Brings Back a Long-Lost Star

New Justice League shield logo
Credit: Jorge Jiménez/Alejandro Sánchez (DC)

A new Justice League logo will debut with June 5's Justice League #25 - bringing back a long-lost star from the team's foundation.

A literal star.

Credit: DC
Credit: Mike Sekowsky/Murphy Anderson (DC)

This new logo is a call back to the classic Justice League of America logo (particularly the star) used from 1960 to 1987, with the text giving a more subtle tip of the hat to the 2017 Justice League movie logo. The new logo has several variations including the one above and the two in the cover, below.

Credit: Jorge Jiménez/Alejandro Sánchez (DC)

The extra-sized Justice League #25 will wrap up the title's "Sixth Dimension" arc, and kick off DC's line-wide "Year of the Villain" event proper. The issue will be written by Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez, and James Tynion IV, and be drawn by Jimenez and incoming artist Javi Fernandez.

This fall will be the 60th anniversary of the Justice League of America's debut from back in December 1959's The Brave and the Bold. The team quickly segued to their own Justice League of America title, which has evolved over the years to the current Justice League book.

This new Justice League logo replaces the previous one which has been in use since June 2016's "Rebirth" relaunch. With #25, the "New Justice" slug has also been removed from the book in favor of a new "JL" logo.

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