Now's Your Chance to Eat Some GARBAGE PAIL KIDS

Garbage Pail Kids FYE product art
Credit: Topps

Topps is reviving its classic trading card series Garbage Pail Kids in an unlikely form - as snacks, featuring the art of original Garbage Pail Kids artist Joe Simko.

The products consist of Crazy Crisps with Marshmallow Barf Bits cereal, as well as chocolate bars and energy drinks decorated with new illustrations from Simko as well as classic GPK characters such as Adam Bomb and Leaky Lindsay. Each Crazy Crisps cereal box will include two new Garbage Pail Kids cards, with four new cards in the exclusive set. The products will be available exclusively in FYE stores and online.

"When Topps first published the Garbage Pail Kids cards and stickers in the 1980s and '90s, it spawned a worldwide collecting phenomenon," Topps Vice President of Global Licensing Ira Friedman said in a statement. "Today, many of those young fans are nostalgically reliving childhood memories and re-connecting with the brand.”

FYE Senior Vice President of Entertainment Merchandising and Marketing Jodie Evans also revealed that some FYE stores will host Simko for promotional events. “To further the interactive experience, we’ll be hosting Joe at a variety of live events to autograph cereal boxes, provide GPK sketches and engage with fans," Evans explained.

Some FYE stores will be decorated with Garbage Pail Kids art to promote the products.

“As long-time Garbage Pail Kids fans, we are excited to be bringing this pop-culture classic to our customers in new and innovative ways,” Evans added.

The Garbage Pail Kids themed snacks are available at FYE stores now along with branded apparel.

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