JOKER 'Darker' & 'More Emotional' Than DEADPOOL 2 for ZAZIE BEETZ

Zazie Beetz
Zazie Beetz in 'Joker'
Credit: Warner Bros.
Zazie Beetz in 'Deadpool 2'
Zazie Beetz in 'Deadpool 2'
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Deadpool 2's Domino actor Zazie Beetz recently completed her work on Warner Bros.'s Joker, and has revealed the key differences between the two comic book-based films.

"The whole vibe of the set is very different because [Deadpool 2] is about the comedy and landing the joke and the physicality of it, whereas Joker is more emotional and is a darker tone," Beetz told CineXpress.

In Joker, Beetz plays Sophie Dumond - a single mother who becomes romantically involved with Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck/Joker.

"It's not the same type of goofing off that happens on the Deadpool set, in a way. Even though that also was a lot of work too. Joaquin is just a really honest person and a really genuine person," Beetz continued. "It's really nice as an actor to be working with somebody like that, to really be able to exchange emotionally."

Joker is scheduled to open in theaters October 4.

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