NETFLIX Coming to Nintendo Wii Spring 2010

NETFLIX to Nintendo Wii Spring 2010

Nintendo Wii owners who have felt left out of the Netflix party can join in the fun this spring. In a press release from Nintendo this morning, it was announced that Netflix streaming will come to the best selling console of this generation.

The streaming service will be near identical to that found on the PlayStation 3. A streaming DVD can be ordered by Netflix customers by going to The disc, which does not count as one of the DVDs out for rental, will need to be put into the Wii console every time users want to watch a movie or TV show through the system. Once the disc is loaded, users can use the Wii Remote to cycle through thousands of movies and TV shows from their Instant Queue or other selections shown automatically through the program, and stream them directly to their TV.

Of course, a broadband internet connection and Netflix unlimited rental plan (starting at $8.99) are required for the service.  The disc is likely required for playback, rather than a downloadable Wii Channel, due to the current agreement Netflix still has with Microsoft. While the Wii will have access to the same movies and shows the Xbox 360 and PS3 do, it will not have high definition streaming, since the console itself is not high-def.

Both Nintendo and Netflix are confident this will offer another reason for users of one or the other to try the one they're missing. Already have both? Well, you'll have a new reason to power on your Wii this spring.

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