Spawn #300
Credit: Image Comics
Credit: Image Comics

August's Spawn #300 will be 72 pages long and feature interior art from Greg Capullo as well as Spawn creator McFarlane himself. According to McFarlane, the release of Spawn #300 will make it the longest running creator-owned title in American comic books.

For Capullo, this will mark his first interior work on Spawn since #100, which capped off a run on the title that started with Spawn #16. For McFarlane himself, Spawn #300 will mark his first interior pages drawn for the character since 1995.

Other artists contributing to the 72-page Spawn #300 include Jason Shawn Alexander, J. Scott Campbell, and Jerome Opeña, while Justice League writer Scott Snyder will also contribute to the oversized issue.

“I created Spawn back when I was a teenager hoping to someday break into the comic book industry,” said McFarlane in a statement. “Now, over 40 years later, not only was I able to have a career drawing and writing comics, but Spawn has been by my side for most of that journey. Even more exciting, Spawn is becoming the longest running creator-owned comic in the world!”

“The group of creative folks helping out on this historic Spawn 300th issue is something that I hope thrills the ‘inner 15-year-old' in all of us,” McFarlane continued. “Plus, to have Greg Capullo come back to this title after so many long years, is what has me most excited as I personally consider him to be the top talent drawing in our industry today.”

Spawn #300is due out August 29, and will feature 12 covers. The issue will retail for $7.99.

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