NAOMI #5 Reveals a 'CRISIS'-Related Origin for New DC Teen Character

Naomi #5
Credit: DC
Credit: DC

Writers Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker have finally revealed the details of Naomi’s origin story, and it’s connected to some sort of “Crisis” in the DC Multiverse.

This Crisis doesn’t appear to be related to any of DC’s other crises, instead involving a villain called Zumbado and a very Superman-like origin where an infant is sent away to use her powers for good in another world.

(And no, Naomi’s origin doesn’t have anything to do with the Green Lantern emotional spectrum, despite last issue’s familiar-looking symbol.)

Naomi’s powers are also still a mystery, but she’s the daughter of two very powerful beings from an alternate Earth. So it’s almost guaranteed that she’ll be a powerhouse.

Let’s take a look at what we did find out from Naomi’s origin story, as told in by Bendis, Walker and artist Jamal Campbell in this week’s Naomi #5:

Last Time in Naomi

To review, Naomi has just discovered that her adoptive father (Greg) is actually from Rann, and he came here to Earth to spy on a Thanagarian (Dee) after a Rann-Thanagar war.

But the Rannian fell in love with an Earthling woman and married her. He neglected his mission (since the Thanagarian wasn’t hurting anyone, taking on a new identity as the local mechanic).

One night, about 17 years ago, some strange cosmic beings came through a portal, dropping a baby in the local football field before the Thanagarian

That baby was Naomi.

Greg and his Earthling wife adopted the child, naming her Naomi. And Dee promised to keep it a secret.

Only, during the last few issues, Naomi’s curiosity caused them all to spill the beans. By the end of Naomi #4, Greg had taken his daughter to a cave to show her his Rannian spaceship and to tell Naomi the story of the beings who came through a portal and brought her to Earth.

Naomi #5 begins with Naomi holding the small, square artifact that was in her swaddling as a baby. At the end of issue #4, the plain black artifact lit up with a strange symbol after her father placed it into Naomi’s hand.

At the beginning of this issue, the bright light from the artifact appears to be spreading into Naomi’s skin.

But before readers see what happens next, the issue switches gears.

The scene is later that same night, and Naomi is visiting her friend Annabelle.

Naomi’s Origin

Naomi reveals to Annabelle that she has powers. She places her hands together, and from her palms comes a bright light. Suddenly, Naomi is wearing a uniform and is surrounded by connected, crescent-shaped energy, and it is raising her into the air.

Credit: DC

After the light show, Naomi tells Annabelle her origin story. And the issue flashes back to the cave as Naomi explains, where Naomi was first given the artifact by her adoptive mother and father.

According to Naomi’s explanation, she is from an alternate Earth. She tells Annabelle that when the artifact was placed into her palm, it dissolved into her skin and Naomi suddenly heard the voice of her mother in her head.

Naomi’s mother tells her that the alternate Earth where she was born used to have “natural protective layers” of shielding to protect it from strange radiations and energies in space.

But when the shield fell, this alternate Earth experienced what Naomi’s birth mom called the “Crisis,” allowing strange radiations to bathe their world.

But instead of hurting anyone, it randomly allowed 29 people to access “natural gifts.”

Credit: DC

In other words, the radiation gave a few people godlike powers.

Within a month after the “Crisis,” the superpowered people ended up battling each other. Out of the 29, only 15 survived. Seven of the superpowered beings left the planet. And the battle caused their Earth to almost burn to ash.

Credit: DC

After all the trouble, only eight superpowered beings were left on their Earth.

Two of them fell in love, and they are Naomi’s parents.

Before they gained powers, Dad was a gaming software engineer and Mom was a teacher. So they were smart, and strategy-minded, and all-around good peeps.

Long Story Short

Of course, with eight superpowered beings, there’s got to be a bad guy among them. And in this case, his name was Zumbado. He mercilessly ruled over a portion of the Earth, destroying and abusing its resources. The other beings just tried to keep him out of the rest of it.

So when Naomi was born, Zumbado attacked, angry that one kid might have that much power.

Naomi’s aunt, Akira, came up with a plan to get baby Naomi to an alternate Earth, one like their own planet — “an Earth that could handle whatever you turn into, a place Zumbado would never be able to find.”

Naomi’s parents enlisted friends to take the child to the other Earth and find adoptive superpowered parents for her. They didn’t want to send her away, but when Zumbado attacked, it seemed like the only way to keep Naomi safe.

The story from her mother wraps up with a plea for Naomi to do good on her newly adopted planet.

So, What Are Her Powers?

The voice of her mother stops as Naomi is still standing with her adoptive parents in the cave. But they’re shocked when Naomi’s glowy powers begin to reveal themselves.

Naomi tells her parents that she wants to go see her friend.

And that brings us back to the scene with Annabelle.

But Annabelle points out a problem. How did Naomi get from the cave to her house? Naomi can’t remember. The cave is many, miles away. Did she fly? Did she transport? Did she wish herself there?

Credit: DC

The answers about Naomi’s powers will have to wait. Suddenly, a portal appears and Zumbado steps through.

“I’ve waited a long time for you to plug in and reveal yourself, kid,” Zumbado says. “Your parents, they led me to a whole new world … and just I time.”

The next issue is advertised as the “end of the first season of Naomi.” But the image on the cover shows her with the team from Young Justice, surrounded by heroes from the DCU. (After the current storyline of Young Justice wraps up, that team will be lost in the Multiverse beginning with July’s issue #7, but Naomi is not on the cover.)

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