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Credit: Marvel Comics

“This Is Forever” continues to cut a swath through the last remaining X-Men in this week’s Uncanny X-Men #18 from Matthew Rosenberg, Carlos Villa, Juan Vlasco, Craig Yeung, and Guru-eFX, and claims multiple lives in fairly definitive fashion.

With the death of at least one more fan-favorite character now on the books, the team’s darkest days only seem to be getting darker. Read on to find out what happened.

Spoilers ahead for Uncanny X-Men #18.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

As Wolverine makes good on last issue’s promise to leave the X-Men behind, the team teleports off to confront the Marauders, who they believe are responsible for another Morlock massacre, in a subway tunnel.

Though the Marauders protest their innocence of the attack – “If we did this, I’d be proud,” says Harpoon – but the X-Men still lay-on.

Finally, in the middle of the melee, Blockbuster surrenders, saying they’ll give up if the X-Men accept their innocence of the Morlock murders. Cyclops accepts their surrender – but Chamber, who was living among the Morlocks during the recent massacre, lashes out anyway, scorching the Marauders with his intense power.

As the Marauders are reduced to literal cinders, Harpoon’s last act is to stab Chamber in the back – mortally wounding him. “He’s gone. His energy just… Went out,” laments Jamie Madrox as Chamber dies in his arms. Hope finishes Harpoon off with a shot to the head.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

With Chamber and the Marauders all dead, the X-Men return to their makeshift headquarters only to find it engulfed in flames thanks to Mr. Sinister, who says he’s taking revenge for the death of his Marauders.

Sinister fights the X-Men to a standstill, duplicating his body hundreds of times before combining all the duplicates into a colossal version of himself. Seemingly without options, Havok unleashes nearly his full power.

The blast reduces Sinister back to his normal state, and he surrenders to the X-Men -  though some think the win is “too easy.” Thanks to his exertion, Havok is left partially intangible from molecular destabilization, and is confined to a hospital bed while Sinister is taken into custody. Karma reveals that she’s built a new X-Mansion, donating it to the team before departing apparently for good.

In the aftermath, Havok and Cyclops argue over what happened to Chamber and the Marauders – and over the identity of Emma Frost, who know one but Juggernaut seems to have any memory of. In the Hellfire Club headquarters, Emma Frost and Mystique scheme against the X-Men – while Mystique suddenly receives a phone call from Scott Summers.

The story continues in June 5’s Uncanny X-Men #19.

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