War of the Realms #4
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week's War of the Realms #4 from Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson adds two more looming bodies to the growing list of Asgardian casualties in Malekith's assault. 

For the full report, read on - but be warned, there are spoilers.

Spoilers ahead for War of the Realms #4.

Credit: Marvel Comics

In War of the Realms #4, Freyja and Odin stand alone against the Dark Elves and the Black Bifrost – Odin in a suit of magical armor built by Tony Stark, Shuri, and Screwbeard, and Freyja wielding the Bitter Blade, in control of the Black Bifrost itself.

Freyja fights alone at first, wounded by Malekith wielding what appears to be a piece of Venom as a spear. But Odin shows up in the nick of time, in his armor, scattering Malekith’s forces and driving them back through the Black Bifrost portal.

Though it seems Odin and Freyja are ultimately able to destroy the Black Bifrost - and in the process rekindle their dwindling romance - the cataclysmic effect of its destruction apparently vaporizes them. Even Punisher apologizes to the now-rescued Thor for the loss of his parents.

Credit: Marvel Comics

With the Destroyer's arm now fitted in place of his prosthetic, Thor gathers his weapons and allies to lead an attack on Malekith.

Alongside Valkyrie and Loki, the total of now confirmed Asgardian dead includes at least four significant characters. This somewhat mirrors the MCU Thor's situation, in which Asgard underwent Ragnarok, being fully destroyed and sending its dwindling population to resettle on Earth. Likewise, MCU Thor lost Loki, Heimdall, his father, and more allies in the process - along with his mother, who died in the events of Thor: The Dark World.

The story continues in June 5's War of the Realms #5.

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