Full First Issue: Tom Peyer & Jamal Igle's THE WRONG EARTH

"Wrong Earth #1" full issue

With the first volume of AHOY Comics' The Wrong Earth hitting bookstores this week, creators Tom Peyer and Jamal Igle have shared the full first issue with Newsarama. 

The Wrong Earth is the story of a superhero name Dragonfly who walks into an alternate universe and finds out that reality's version of himself is a villain.

"When you have parallel worlds to work with, you can have a hero who salutes the flag, helps old people across the street, and attends ribbon cuttings. And you can have a vigilante who kills criminals, is hunted by the police, and rants about how the whole system is rotten to the core. And they can be the same person!" Peyer said. "Weird!"

Dragonfly (and is evil alt-reality self Dragonflyman) were designed by Igle after a visit to a visit to a museum in Japan.

"While Tom and I were trying to figure out who theses characters were and how diametrically opposed they were going to be, I happened to be on vacation in Japan. While I was there I toured several exhibits of samurai culture and japanese artwork from various periods. One symbol kept coming back..dragonflys," Igle said. "Dragonfly are very common in Japan and in Japanese culture they represent the power, agility and victory. They’re considered good luck charms that they adorned their armor and flags with. When I told Tom about it, he countered with the idea that in European folklore, Dragonfly are considered the emissaries of Satan that check for bad souls. As soon as I heard that, I knew we we’re off to the races."

Writer: Tom Peyer
Artist: Jamal Igle
On dark, gritty Earth-Omega, masked vigilante Dragonfly punishes evil maniacs and evades corrupt authorities. On sun-splashed Earth-Alpha, costumed crook-catcher Dragonflyman upholds the letter of the law. Now they’re trapped on each other’s worlds, where even the good guys don’t share their values! This volume also collects all the original Stinger and Dragonflyman backup stories, plus extra behind-the-scenes features.

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