Airboy #51 variant
Credit: Jim Steranko (It's Alive)
Credit: Jim Steranko (It's Alive)

Jim Steranko has shared a never-before-seen pencilled Airboy cover to be published as a variant to It's Alive!'s upcoming Airboy #51.

This is the original, pencilled version of of the cover to Airboy: The Return of the Valkyrie. For that OGN, Steranko ended up painting the cover but this pencilled version was never released.

Airboy #51 is scheduled to be available in comic stores this October, but It's Alive! is offering an 'early adopter' version now through the book's IndieGogo campaign. The campaign has already surpassed its original goal (and 3 stretch goals); if they reach $20,000, it will also fund production of a second issue, Airboy #52.

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