Tap Dance Killer
Credit: Hero Tomorrow
Credit: Hero Tomorrow

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TAP DANCE KILLER – Comic Book character born of demented showtunes now on Kickstarter

“It’s kind of like Punisher meets Rocky Horror,” says writer/creator Ted Sikora. “Tap Dance Killer is the story of Nikki St Clair. She’s a mega-talented actress who is cast in a horror show musical as the Tap Dance Killer. There’s a supernatural occurrence in the theatre, and Nikki becomes locked into the headspace of her character. She starts taking it to the streets fully believing she is this 1920s-styled vaudeville performing assassin.”

The character and two of her castmates form a troupe called the Vaude-Villains, and they decide to take on the mob as the new crime power in Cleveland. Said Sikora, “At conventions people always ask me, ‘Is she good or bad?’ I say, exactly! I wanted to go against the grain of typical good-versus-evil stories. It’s largely villains versus villains, but hopefully highly likeable villains.”

Credit: Hero Tomorrow

The roots of Tap Dance Killer go back to 1991 when Sikora composed a song of the same name for an actual horror show musical titled Nothing Like Vaudeville. The musical play tells the story of a runaway boy in the 1920s who clashes with the bizarre Vaude-Villains and a diabolical ringmaster. Samples of three songs from the musical can be heard embedded in the Kickstarter campaign video.

The series is illustrated by Donny Hadiwidjaja, and is distributed internationally through Diamond. The publisher, Hero Tomorrow Comics, launched a crowd funding campaign for the volume 1 collection, which will contain issues 1-5, to help offset the initial printing costs of the 150+ page collection while offering exclusive items that can’t be sold through traditional distribution channels.  Says Sikora,“Besides the single issues, hardcover and softcover options we have CGC copies, shirts, original sequential art pages, and there’s also a reward level to have yourself drawn into the story.”

Another question that comes up often at the cons is why Sikora chose to represent this character as a Black woman. Says Sikora, “I’m married to a Black woman. We have a wonderful daughter, and it was very important and personal for me that we have a kickass Black female character in the Hero Tomorrow Comics universe.”

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