Origin of DC's NAOMI Revealed... But Who is She?

Credit: Jamal Campbell (DC/Wonder Comics)
Credit: Jamal Campbell (DC/Wonder Comics)

Who is Naomi? It’s the question that’s been driving the story in the new DC/Wonder Comics title by writers Brian Michael Bendis and David Walker. But this week in Naomi #4, readers discovered the character is tied to the war between Rann and Thanagar, and her childhood was connected to another still-mysterious space conflict.

Plus, the cliffhanger at the end of this week’s issueseemed to tease a connection between Naomi and a symbol that looked similar to symbols for the Green Lantern emotional spectrum.

Drawn by Jamal Campbell, Naomi centers on an adopted teen who’s been asking questions about her birth parents ever since Superman suddenly appeared in her hometown (in issue #1).

Naomi felt a connection to the event, and her investigation of her past began to uncover mysterious secrets about her adoption.

And this week’s issue finally gave Naomi some answers.

Credit: Jamal Campbell (DC/Wonder Comics)

Daddy Rann Out

Naomi’s adopted father Greg revealed to her that he’s actually a soldier from Rann. He fought alongside Adam Strange in what he called “the first great Rann/Thanagar War.”

Greg was part of an elite squad who fought with the Green Lanterns and was sent on special assignments. He came to Earth 20 years ago to search for a Thanagarian “terrorist soldier” who was believed to be hiding on Earth.

But when Greg found the alleged terrorist, the man was just living as a normal mechanic in Naomi’s small town. (Previous issues revealed that the man, who goes by “Dee,” was indeed a Thanagarian who had actually turned over a new leaf, abandoning his life as a solider.)

Greg was ordered to “observe” the Thanagarian terrorist, but before he could begin his observation, he noticed a young Earth woman named Jennifer. And he fell in love.

During his three-year love affair with Jennifer, Greg revealed his secret past to her (including his hidden spaceship), but he never contacted Rann with any reports — nor did they contact him. So Greg decided to do what Dee was doing — just live life as an Earth man. Jennifer kept his secret, although the two were sad to learn that they couldn’t have children. 

Credit: Jamal Campbell (DC/Wonder Comics)

Naomi’s Origin

One night, Greg’s “interstellar energy alert” device indicated something nearby was invading from space. When Greg drove his car around town to investigate, using his device to search for the source, he ran into Dee, whose own alert device had also been triggered.

As the Thanagarian and Rannian stood in the local high school’s football field, wondering what was causing the alert, a ball of energy suddenly exploded into a portal, with four costumed characters emerging from within.

The first one to come through the portal was a female who had brown skin like Naomi’s, and she appeared to be running from the other three. She spoke English, saying, “I won’t let them” as she held a bundle tightly in her arms.

The three attackers wore red and black uniforms, and they fired reddish-pink energy from their weapons.

Dee and Greg battled the three attackers, but one of the mysterious characters was able to shoot the brown-skinned woman in the back, causing her to drop her bundle. Smoke started rising from her body and she appeared to be vaporized.

Greg looked down at the bundle she dropped and realized it was a baby girl.

Credit: Jamal Campbell (DC/Wonder Comics)

Strange Symbol

Dee got the upper hand on the attackers and chased the three of them away. And as they rose back into the round energy portal, Greg held the child in his arms. Dee and Greg agreed that the attackers looked like they were trying to kill the baby.

Greg looked down at the child in his arm. She had a glowing, crescent-shaped symbol on her chest (similar to the one worn on the chest of the woman who was protecting her). She was swaddled in a blanket with a clasp of gold, and within it was a shiny black, square-shaped artifact of some kind.

When Greg revealed the artifact to Naomi, her touch caused a symbol to appear on it.


Credit: Jamal Campbell (DC/Wonder Comics)

What Does the Symbol Mean?

The symbol is very similar to both the Black Lantern symbol and the White Lantern symbol. But it’s not exactly like either one. And in the middle of the symbol is the crescent shape (like the one baby Naomi wore), with a “V” in the midst of it.

Is Naomi going to wield an energy similar to that of the White and Black Lantern rings?

Come to think of it, is the black artifact actually a box holding a ring within it?

Credit: Jamal Campbell (DC/Wonder Comics)

But looking ahead at coming issues of Naomi, the symbol on the box doesn’t appear to be as important as the crescent shape. Shaped so that the legs of the crescent point down, the symbol also has a V through it.

The cover of the next issue, Naomi #5, features an image of Naomi in a costume that features the crescent-shaped symbol on her chest (again), and the air around her is filled with bright energy that is formed into dozens of crescent shapes.

Naomi #6 features a cover with Naomi wearing a slightly different costume (but still featuring the crescent symbol). And the cover implies that Naomi’s going to join the Young Justice team and become part of the family of DC heroes.

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