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Black Lightning co-creator Tony Isabella is criticizing DC's handling of Black Lightning as a supporting character in Batman and the Outsiders rather than as a leading character in his own title. However, along with his criticism, Isabella offered support for CW's Black Lightning TV show.

"Don't try to put a silver lining on DC reducing Black Lightning to Batman's support negro," said Isabella in a tweet. "It's insulting to the character, his fans and the creator with whom he wouldn't exist. For authentic Black Lightning, read Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands and watch the brilliant TV show."

The 2017 limited series Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands marks Isabella's last work on the character to date.

Batman and the Outsiders writer Bryan Edward Hill responded indirectly to Isabella's tweet, saying "I've seen some commentary about me having animus towards Tony Isabella (the creator of Black Lightning). That's completely false. I have nothing but respect for Tony and his work. Obviously, without his imagination I wouldn't be writing Batman and the Outsiders."

Batman and the Outsiders #2 is due out June 12.

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