Melissa Meszaros / Desiree Wilson
Melissa Meszaros / Desiree Wilson
Credit: Melissa Meszaros / Desiree Wilson

Oni Press have laid off Melissa Meszaros, Desiree Wilson, and Scott Sharkey concurrent with its merger with Lion Forge under the new umbrella company of Polarity.

Meszaros served as Oni's Director of Publicity since January 2017, working in the compay's two-person Marketing department with Director of Sales Margot Wood. In her role at the Portland, Oregon-based company, Meszaros directed public relations and social media for the company's comic book, convention, gaming, and multimedia projects, and also handled scheduling of creator events. Meszaros originally joined the company in April 2017 as a Marketing Assistant, moving up to Publicity + Social Media Manager in August.

Wilson has been an Associate Editor at Oni since August 2017, working on titles such as The Damned, Ballad of Sang, Kaijumax, Hearthrob, and Junior Braves of the Apocalypse. She previously edited at Ooligan Press, and interned at both Dark Horse Comics and Milkfed Criminal Masterminds.

Oni Warehouse Assistant Scott Sharkey tweeted that he was laid off from the company as well.

"So, I'm one of the people who got sacked in the wake of the clusterf---  merger," Sharkey tweeted. "If anyone knows anyone in need of a slightly used writer/editor/carny/accountant/bartender/warehouse monkey/blackjack dealer it'd be appreciated."

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