Readers' Favorite ONGOING of 2009: GREEN LANTERN

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Without that pesky (beautiful) J.H. Williams III Cover, Geoff Johns and his collaborators would've had a complete sweep.

The tournament started by having 11 Newsarama Contributors submit lists of 20. Amongst these, there were 79 different titles submitted for the "Favorite Ongoing Series" category, the least individual submissions of all the categories. While stalwarts Marvel, DC, and Image were well represented, it was interesting to see more than one BOOM! Studios title make that list of 79, with two even making it into the top 16. Anyhow, it came down to a list of 16, 4 brackets of 4, and the voting began. After one week, only 4 remained, and then it came down to two. DC Entertainment literally swept the finals, earning the top two spots in every category. Detective Comics and Green Lantern, two books also represented in multiple other categories, stood alone as the finalists.

This one started off pretty close. Both writers wound up conversing about this poll on Twitter, and eventually the winner became more and more clear: Green Lantern was your favorite Ongoing Series of 2009. With Geoff Johns as your Favorite Writer, series artist (for part of the year) Ivan Reis as your Favorite Artist, and Blackest Night as your Favorite Limited Series, it's clear that this was the year of Hal Jordan. With the movie reportedly nearly set to begin filming, and more excitement in Hal Jordan's life right around the corner, it's a safe bet that Green Lantern will be a major contender in 2010, too. Oddly enough, the majority of the comments in this round supported either Detective Comics, or merely made mention of how good BOTH series are and how difficult it was to choose.

The full bracket is below, winners of each round in bold:


BRACKET #1: Detective Comics, Anchor, Unwritten, Incredible Hercules

BRACKET #2: Batman and Robin, Ultimate Spider-Man, Irredeemable, Fables

BRACKET #3: Green Lantern, The Walking Dead, Tiny Titans, Invincible Iron Man

BRACKET #4: Secret Six, Red Robin, Green Lantern Corps, Daredevil


BRACKET #1: Detective Comics vs. Green Lantern Corps

BRACKET #2: Batman and Robin vs. Green Lantern


Detective Comics vs. Green Lantern

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