Marvel Adds More Cryptic Creative Team Teasers

Marvel Comics August 2019 creative team teasers
Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated May 9, 2019: Marvel Comics has released another teaser related to the previous creative team announcements, this time naming Al Ewing and Chris Weston as one of its creative teams for an unrevealed project or projects to release this August. Weston tweeted the teaser himself.

Marvel Editor-In-Chief C.B. Cebulski previously tweeted to expect more related clues to appear on Twitter starting Thursday.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original Story: Some of this week's Marvel Comics titles included teasers for what appear to be creative teams for projects launching in August 2019.

Each of the teasers (such as the ones seen here) features the names of the creative team on a generic background of a collage of classic Marvel, Ultimate Marvel and Atlas covers.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Here are the teams listed:

- Joe Hill & Mike Allred
- Mark Waid & John Cassaday
- Al Ewing & George Perez
- Phil Lord & Christopher Miller and Javier Rodiguez
- Brad Meltzer & Julian Todino Tedesco
- J. Michael Strazcynski & Ed McGuiness
- Taboo & Geoffery Veregge
- Walt Simonson
- Alex Ross
- Erik Larsen

No other details on any of the titles or projects each team might be working on have been announced. Of note in the list, Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas makes his Marvel Comics debut, as does Brad Meltzer. Also of note is the inclusion of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the team behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

More details are expected in Marvel Comics' August 2019 solicitations later this month.

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