STEPHEN AMELL On ARROW's End & Making Wine With Comic Creators

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

The CW's Arrow's next season will be its last, and Stephen Amell tells Newsarama it's become "very emotional" for him.

Amell, who has played (Green) Arrow since 2012 in the epynomous CW drama as well as almost-all of the DC-CW shows that have come since, has found great success in a green leather suit and a bow in his hand - but he's also found friends. And that has turned into other outside ventures such as wine-making under the Nocking Point label with his friend Andrew Harding.

And just a few weeks ago, Amell and Harding brought comic artist Rob Prior into the fold to design Nocking Point's first chardonnay, Table for Ravens. Prior painted the label, chose the grape variety, and came up with the name.

Amell spoke with Newsarama about his latest wine, as well as bringing wine to comic book conventions, and of course the upcoming finale of Arrow - and what he'd tell the 2012 version of himself if he could.

Rob Prior
Rob Prior
Credit: Nocking Point

Newsarama: Stephen, how'd you connect with Rob Prior for Nocking Point?

Stephen Amell: You know when we came up with the idea of working with collaborators for Nocking Point we obviously started with people we knew well, people who we thought would be cool to have their own wine.

We've known Rob for a while now, he's been painting, with both hands, eyes closed, at our shows since 2015 and has become a good friend. We came to him last year and asked to do a collab on a wine and he said yes. Not only is he our first artist, he's also our first Chardonnay. He live-painted this label for a group of us and named it Table for Ravens, which is a pretty dark and edgy spin on a very traditional grape.

Nrama: You appear at several comic conventions throughout the year, and I've heard stories about you meeting with many comic creators. Would you be open to collaborating with more comic creators on wines?

Amell: Of course. Our first ever label was done by the legendary Jim Lee, and like Rob, artists bring such a unique perspective to the entire process and experience. We love that.

We’re open to working with anyone who we think would bring their own personality to our wines and anyone we think would appeal to our awesome Nocking Point community.

Andrew Harding & Stephen Amell
Andrew Harding & Stephen Amell
Credit: Nocking Point

Nrama: I noticed you have done a couple actual wine tastings as part of your convention appearances. Any chance for more of that?

Amell: We've done a few alongside Heroes and Villains in the past, and Rob's been there with us.

As far as upcoming, you can keep an eye out for our next on the site or on my social. We also host parties for our members. We have one coming up in Walla Walla for Spring Harvest at the Nocking Point Tasting Room, you should come along. A ton of people fly in and we have a great full weekend set up. If any of your readers are interested, they can get tickets to it at

Credit: Nocking Point

Nrama: We're talking just after it was announced that the next season of Arrow will be its last. How do you feel about everything that's going on right now and coming up in the near future?

Credit: The CW

Amell: It's very emotional for me. Playing Oliver has been the greatest experience of my professional life and I've met some of my best friends and had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful and talented people. I always wanted this show to have a strong finish and I think it was the right time.

I'm also really excited for what's next, for being with my family more and for working on all the growth we've seen with Nocking Point.

Nrama: With Arrow and now the 'Arrow-verse', you've led a modern day rejuvenation of DC superheroes on television. Professionally it's been rewarding, and personally you've gotten to work alongside your cousin and your wife. What would you right now in 2019 tell yourself in 2012 when you first got the call to audition to play Oliver Queen?

Amell: I would tell myself not to worry about the small things but enjoy every moment to its fullest. It goes by so fast and before you know it you've wrapped another season.

Nrama: You seem to excel at turning hobbies and interests into full-scale business interests. Acting of course, wine-making, attending cons, American Ninja Warrior, wrestling. What advice would you give people on finding the right career and making a living for yourself, no matter the vocation?

Amell: I'd say, do what you're passionate about, work hard but also have fun. If you find something you have fun doing, give it a real shot.

Drew and I started Nocking Point after a detour on a road trip that put us in wine country for a weekend. We made one wine and posted about it, when that sold out, we doubled down and have only grown from there.

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