DENNY O'NEIL DAY Declared in Phoenix, Arizona

Denny O'Neil
Credit: Denny O'Neil

May 25 has been declared 'Denny O'Neil Day' in Phoenix, Arizona by Mayor Kate Gallego in honor of the writer's 80th birthday on May 3.

O'Neil is a longtime comic book writer with a career stretching back to the 60s, when he got his start at Marvel Comics before a career-defining run on Green Lantern/Green Arrow alongside Neal Adams at DC Comics and a lengthy stint writing Batman.

Denny O'Neil Day will consist of a presentation of the proclamation followed by a Q&A. O'Neil is scheduled to be joined by a representative from the mayor's office, the staff of the Phoenix Fan Fusion convention, and Hero Initiative President Jim McLauchlin will be in attendance for the presentation, which will take place in room 120CD of the North Building of the Phoenix Convention Center on Friday, May 24th at 2 p.m.

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