SHE-RA & PRINCESSES OF POWER Showrunner Promises More Mythology, More World-Building, More Drama in Future Seasons

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
Credit: Netflix/DreamWorks Animation

Spoilers for She-Ra & the Princesses of Power Season 2 ahead.

The full second season of DreamWorks Animation's She-Ra & the Princesses of Power debuted April 26 on Netflix, and for those that binge-watched it (c'mon, you can admit it to us), there was a lot to digest.

Series creator/showrunner Noelle Stevenson spoke with Newsarama about some of the highs and lows of the second season, as we ask for details as well as teases for what's to come.

Credit: Netflix/DreamWorks Animation

Newsarama: Noelle, what was the decision behind making Season 2 shorter than Season 1?

Noelle Stevenson: The idea is that we are going to be able to bring the episodes out closer together. So there will be less time in between episode drops. So people will be able to expect more episode more often.

Nrama: So, what does the cliffhanger of She-Ra season 2 mean for Adora and Shadow Weaver’s relationship?

Stevenson: That remains to be seen. I’m very excited for people to see the next step of what happens now that Shadow Weaver has left the Fright Zone, and seems to have a little bit of a plan of her own. Shadow Weaver is going to be hugely instrumental in the plot for later seasons.

Credit: Netflix/DreamWorks Animation

Nrama: What can we expect from Adora and Catra’s dynamic going forward?

Stevenson: Obviously, Catra feels betrayed by Shadow Weaver escaping, even though she was escaping from Catra. Shadow Weaver is always throwing a huge wrench into their relationship. She’s really good at manipulation, and turning good things bad. She remains one of the most complicated elements between them. But they have their work cut out for them in future seasons. Things aren’t going super well. As you’ve seen in the most recent season. It continues to evolve as we move into later seasons.

Nrama: In the last episode of the season we get to see Bow’s dads, and explore a bit more of She-Ra’s mythology. Are we going to see more of this next season?

Stevenson: We are going to see a lot more of the message that the characters went to Bow’s dads to translate. That plays out into this whole new arc where they try to figure out what that means.

Nrama: Are we going to meet more of Bow’s family?

Stevenson: I can’t give too much away about future episodes, but we are going to meet a lot of new characters in upcoming seasons.

Nrama: This season we got some more development from the other princesses in the group. Are we going to see this more? Is there a particular princess you want to explore?

Stevenson: At the end of the first season we get to see this come together as they form the alliance. Season 2 we get to see what that means for them. What does it mean for them to be united? And it doesn’t always come naturally to them. But it’s a lot of fun to be able to play with them and explore their individual dynamics within the group.

We do get into individual princesses more in future seasons. We even get into characters, where their first impression may be one thing – like Frosta and Mermista, but then as we get to know them a bit more then we realize that there is so much more going on under the surface. They are so much weirder than we initially thought. I am just so excited for people to keep finding out more and more about these characters.

Nrama: I really enjoyed the dynamic between Catra, Glimmer, and Bow this season. Will we get to see more of them interacting with each other?  

Stevenson: It’s really something I’ve been wanting to do because Glimmer, Bow, and Catra haven’t officially met each other. They’ve fought. They’ve been at the same battles. They’ve been to Prom together, but Adora has certainly never introduced them.

It just makes so much sense that Catra and Glimmer immediately don’t like each other. I think a lot of that is because they are very similar characters in a way that they immediately drive each other crazy. And Bow is trying to do the same tactic with Catra that he did with Adora where he thinks he can make friends with anyone. Catra lets him believe that for a little bit before proving him totally wrong, which is hard for him as well because he doesn’t like being proven wrong that you can’t make friends with somebody.

But it’s such a fun dynamic to see, especially with Adora absent. What their dynamic is with each other that is built around Adora and their individual relationships with her, but she’s not there to facilitate that.

In future seasons, especially with Catra and Glimmer – I think Glimmer thinks Catra is her nemesis as we see in the Dungeons & Dragsons episode. We see her like - Catra is this huge evil villain, and I’m the only one who can stop her. I don’t necessarily think that’s how Catra sees it, but they do continue to be at each other’s throats.    

Credit: Netflix/DreamWorks Animation

Nrama: Speaking of the D&D episode, will we see more themed episodes like that going forward?

Stevenson: Some of my favorite episodes are the experimental episodes where we experiment with the format of the show. Instead of it being a typical episode with a typical structure we try to change that up a little bit for a new dynamic within our show.

The D&D episode is a great example of that. It just gives us a chance to explore these characters in a little bit of a different context. We get to see how all the characters think of themselves, and see the world through their eyes, which gives us a deepened understanding of who they are.

Making an episode like that is a bit of a challenge, for example to the designs. Our designs are multiplied just because of how many different styles we explore in that episode. It’s something the whole crew came together, and were really passionate about and just did an amazing job with.

Nrama: The Glimmer portion felt very Cowboy BeBop. Did you take any inspiration from that anime?

Stevenson: It’s somewhere between Cowboy BeBop and James Bond. She has this vision of herself as this stone cold, bad ass. Where everyone else sees her as this adorable glittery princess, and she sees herself as super cool. That part was really fun.

Nrama: Is there something in particular you were proud of this season - a character arc, an episode, etc?

Stevenson: Overall I’m proud of that this was a season where me and the crew really figured out our rhythm about what we were passionate about in the show and how to make the show we were envisioning. And things were really coming together. Honestly, each episode I’m proud of, and I think they are just getting better and better.

It’s just been so much fun to explore these characters even more, explore their relationships with each other, exploring more pairings that you might have not thoughts of – like Scorpia and Seahawk. Overall, I’m just really pleased with all of them.

Nrama: It was nice to see more of Scorpia this season. Is her dynamic with Catra going to be a bigger part of the show? Are we going to get some backstory on her?

Stevenson: Absolutely, Scorpia is one of the crew’s favorite characters. She’s just so sweet and lovely. I think we all really feel empathetic towards her. Her intense crush on Catra is something that does come more in the forefront this season. It is something that is a really big deal for her, and we continue to explore that.

Credit: Netflix/DreamWorks Animation

Nrama: What can you tease about what’s coming next?

Stevenson: I think the best tease for the next season is the in-universe clues that the characters find, which is Serenia Portal Mara. There is definitely some cool mythology and world building things coming up around that.

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