Happier Days in RED SONJA #4 Preview

"Red Sonja #4" preview 2019

Check out a preview of May 1's Red Sonja #4.

Red Sonja #4
writer: Mark Russell
artist: Mirko Colak, Bob Q
covers: Amanda Conner (A), Joseph Michael Linsner (B),  Christian Ward (C) , Kenneth Rocafort (D), Cosplay Variant (E),  Seduction (RI)
FC  |  32 pages  |  Action/Adventure  |  $3.99  |   Teen+  
“The Brothers Of Misfortune”
The Zamoran Empire musters a fleet of war chariots to rush arms and provisions to the front line. Hyrkaniawould be lost, were they not led by Sonja The Red, who knows it is not enough to know one’s own strength, but to understand the strengths, and weaknesses, of one’s opponents.
By award-winning writer MARK RUSSELL (Exit Stage Left, The Wonder Twins) and MIRKO COLAK (Conan).

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