DAVID MARQUEZ Jumps from MARVEL to DC For 'Exclusive' Contract

Credit: David Marquez (DC)
David Marquez self-portrait
David Marquez self-portrait
Credit: David Marquez (Marvel Comics)

Civil War II artist David Marquez has signed an 'exclusive' contract with DC after five years with Marvel Comics. First reported by Heat Vision, Marquez's DC tenure will begin with a relaunched Batman/Superman ongoing written by Joshua Williamson.

"I've been very fortunate that in a relatively short career I'd been able to work on some big projects," Marquez said. "When I heard the possibility of working with DC, I wasn't sure I wanted to do more work-for-hire stuff after wrapping up with Marvel. They really kind of had to sell me on the idea of doing the series."

According to Heat Vision, Marquez originally planned to focus on a creator-owned series but Joshua Williamson's specific pitch for Batman/Superman swayed him to sign a DC exclusive.

"That I'd be able to build it from the ground up, and also that it was actually a meaningful big project, were really important factors," Marquez said. "In terms of the characters involved and the role it plays in broader DCU and its evolving narrative, working with Josh who's one of the biggest writers there - these reasons sold me on the idea of doing this book. If it wasn't all of those unique characteristics altogether for one project, I probably wouldn't be doing work-for-hire stuff right now."

Marquez comes to DC after five years with Marvel Comics, where he drew Civil War II, Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, Fantastic Four: Season One, Invincible Iron Man, Defenders, and All-New X-Men. Marquez was one of 2016's 'All-New Young Guns' for the publisher.

The duration and specifics of Marquez's new contract with DC wasn't specified.

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