Disney XD's SPIDER-MAN Returns for GOBLIN WAR

Credit: Disney XD/Marvel Animation

Marvel's Spider-Man animated series will return to Disney XD this year, with a new storyline - "Goblin War." The storyline will be a previously unnanounced second half of season two - which has been on hiatus since August 2018.

"We’ve split these seasons up into multiple sections," Marvel's Senior VP of Animation & Family Entertainment Cort Lane told Newsarama. "The second part of the second season of Spider-Man is coming later this year – and it will be no surprise to fans of the show that the big storyline will be Superior Spider-Man. And just as [Peter is] trying to pick up the pieces, a Goblin War begins. I can’t reveal much about the twists and turns but there’s a full-on Goblin Army."

Marvel did not share a specific release date for these new episodes, but say they'll begin later this year.

Marvel's Spider-Man season two part one ended with the climax of the "Superior Spider-Man" arc, airing in August, 2018. As in comic books, it appears Peter's brush with Otto Octavius will lead into a clash with a whole squad of Goblins - though their specific identities remain a mystery.

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