TOMM COKER's Health Concerns Leads to BLACK MONDAY MURDERS Hiatus

Black Monday Murders
Credit: Tomm Coker (Image Comics)
Credit: Tomm Coker (Image Comics)

Image Comics' The Black Monday Murders is going on a hiatus due to health issues affecting co-creator/artist Tomm Coker. In a post on his Facebook page, Coker revealed an unspecified health condition he is working through that will affect the the series, whose ninth issue was solicited for release this week.

"I’ve been putting this off for a couple weeks - hoping to pull a miracle out of my hat, but there’s no getting around it... Due to ongoing health concerns, Jonathan and I will have to postpone the 3rd arc of The Black Monday Murders," Coker wrote. "This is only temporary and not a cancellation."

Credit: Tomm Coker (Image Comics)

Image Comics has canceled orders for both #9 and #10, with a note to retailers that they intend to resolicit the issues at an unspecified, later date.

"I am not wasting away or dying - at least not any quicker than all of you. Simply put, I am unable at this time to finish pages to the level The Black Monday Murders deserves," the artist explained. "And if I don’t take the time to get better now the situation will only drag out and get worse."

The Black Monday Murders launched in February 2016, exploring the idea that the world's financial instutions are under control of magical and supernatural forces.

"In an effort to prevent myself from ignoring the situation, or burying my head in the sand I’ve been trying to make my condition public with friends and social media, so feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer," Coker continued. "Trust me when I say this is absolutely heartbreaking for me and if any other option was available it would’ve been taken. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

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