Readers' Favorite COVER of 2009: DETECTIVE COMICS #855

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Finally, a non-Geoff Johns book won one of these things!

The tournament started by having 11 Newsarama Contributors submit lists of 20. Amongst these, there were a ridiculous 120 different covers submitted for the "Favorite Cover" category. This is a tough one, since everyone has their own taste, and artists like James Jean, Skottie Young, and Dustin Nguyen put out some unbelievably gorgeous covers, not to mention the various covers put out be some of the folks who made it to the semi-final and final rounds. However, it came down to a list of 16, 4 brackets of 4, and the voting began. After one week, only 4 remained, and then it came down to two. DC Entertainment continued their sweep of the finals, with two stand-outs, Detective Comics #855 by J.H. Williams III, and The Flash: Rebirth #1 by Ethan Van Sciver and Moose Baumann as the finalists.

This one started off close. In fact, after the first few hundred votes, it was in a dead heat. However, 'Tec started to pull away, and once it did, it never looked back. Eventually, the gorgeous image won by a healthy 16% margin. Here's what a few of you had to say:

Mason Dixon:

JHW3's Cover is just... beautiful. 'nuff said.


batwoman because its beautiful


Note to DC... here are TWO awesome Posters / T-shirts waiting to happen.

The full bracket is below, winners of each round in bold:


BRACKET #1: The Flash: Rebirth #1, Secret Six #15, Captain America Comics #1, Fables #81

BRACKET #2: Detective Comics #855, Image United #1, Batman #686, Captain America #600

BRACKET #3: Batman and Robin #3, Chew #1, Amazing Spider-man #600, Daytripper #1

BRACKET #4: Daredevil #500, Phonogram: The Singles Club #5, Justice Society of America #26, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #54


BRACKET #1: The Flash: Rebirth #1 vs. Justice Society of America #26

BRACKET #2: Detective Comics #855 vs. Batman and Robin #3


The Flash: Rebirth #1 vs. Detective Comics #855

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