[Poll] Producers Can't Pick SPIDER-MAN 4 Villain, Can You?

Pulitzer-Winner to Write Spider-Man 4?

It looks like the villains have the best of the team tasked with putting together the fourth installment in the Spider-Man movie franchise… but maybe you can help?

The problem, as reported in The Hollywood Reporter and our very own Blog@ is that they can’t agree on the villains for Spider-Man 4. Director Sam Rami is apparently lobbying for the Vulture, who he had originally intended to use in Spider-Man 3, while movie studio Sony wants someone else. While the list of who Sony would rather have is undisclosed, we do know that they want to introduce Felicia Hardy – aka Black Cat – as a romantic subplot for Peter.

You can’t have a script before you decide on the characters, so this puts a wrench in their plans to start shooting this in spring 2010. So make your voices heard in our Newsarama poll… and who knows, it might point the movie producers on their path to Spider-man’s next deadly foe.

As most sequels tend to have multiple villains, we're letting you choose up to two from the poll. Remember, you don't have to be a registered user to vote. Have someone else in mind? Sound off below!

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