Ken Watanabe
Ken Watanabe
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Ken Watanabe will star in a remake of the classic tv/film franchise The Fugitive for Japanese TV, according to Variety.

TV Asahi's The Fugitive will star Watanabe as Kazuki Kakurai, a well-regarded surgeon who is framed for the murderer of his wife and goes on the run - to avoid capture and to find his wife's killer. The film we be set in Tokyo, just before the opening of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Seiji Izumi (Aibou, Detective Mitarai's Casebook: The Clockwork Current) has signed on to direct the film.

"Warner Brothers is giving us their full and complete cooperation," said TV Asashi's production chief Kazuhiko Fujimoto. "We are going to make a special drama on an unprecedented scale that will be the definitive version of The Fugitive."

The Fugitive was originally a 1960s TV series on ABC starring David Janssen, followed by a 1993 film remake starring Harrison Ford and a 2000 TV reboot starring Tim Daly.

TV Asahi hasn't specified a release date for Watanabe's The Fugitive.


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