Readers' Favorite ARTIST of 2009: IVAN REIS

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16,499 votes. Holy cow!

The tournament started by having 11 Newsarama Contributors submit lists of 20. Amongst these, there were 95 names submitted for the "Favorite Artist" category. Any list where artists like Dale Eaglesham, Guillem March, Steve McNiven, and Pete Woods are runners-up is sure to be a great one. However, it came down to a list of 16, 4 brackets of 4, and the voting began. After one week, only 4 remained, and then it came down to two. DC Entertainment again reigned supreme (as they did on the Writer category), with two stand-outs, Detective Comics' J.H. Williams III, and Green Lantern & Blackest Night artist Ivan Reis as the finalists.

There were an astounding 16,499 votes in this round. A huge twitter campaign launched in favor of Reis, with a large contingent from his native Brazil seeking out more votes. The vote was still close, with a 54% to 46% margin winning the day for the artist, marking the second Blackest Night win out of two. Your comments showed just how close all this was. Here's what a few of you had to say:

AJ Ryan:

Ivan Reis work, especially in Blackest Night, is astounding. His pencils would carry the book with no colors or inks. His grasp of anatomy and modeling is really something to behold. Every shot is dynamic and filled with necessary details. His giant, character-filled, spreads put everyone else's to shame. I think Williams has a cool asthetic with alot of interesting design elements, but I really can't see any competition over who is the better pure draftsman. Pencils versus pencils: I would vote for Ivan Reis over pretty much anyone this year.

Both artists have a great sense of anatomy and pacing. JH Williams is just more experimental with his sorytelling. Both are beautiful artists and great storytellers and both deserve to win. I've liked both for a long time and it will be sad to see one of them lose.


This was a hard choice. I had to go with Ivan Reis because he's been on a roll for the last year on two different titles I love.

J.H. Williams ... his art just kicks ass plain and simple ... but he's still relatively new on Detective ...

The full bracket is below:


BRACKET #1: J.H. Williams III, Stjepan Sejic, Doug Mahnke, Nicola Scott

BRACKET #2: Ivan Reis, Stuart Immonen, Dustin Nguyen, Ethan Van Sciver

BRACKET #3: Frank Quitely, John Romita, Jr., Francis Manapul, Andy Kubert

BRACKET #4: George Perez, Marko Djurdjevic, Darwyn Cooke, Steve Epting


BRACKET #1: J.H. Williams III vs. George Perez

BRACKET #2: Ivan Reis vs. Francis Manapul


J.H. Williams III vs. Ivan Reis

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