MOUSE GUARD Creator & Director Give Hope After DISNEY's Exit

Mouse Guard
Credit: Seth Engstrom
Credit: Serena Malyon (BOOM! Studios)

Although the Walt Disney Company have passed on the recently-acquired Mouse Guard adaptation (which was part of the 20th Century Fox acquisition), creator David Petersen and director Wes Ball have hope for it to find a new life elsewhere.

"As you may have heard, Disney canceled the Mouse Guard Movie at FOX - but there is still some hope," Petersen wrote on Facebook.

"Don’t worry Mouse Guard fans. It’s not over yet," tweeted Ball. "It sucks this close to shooting, but we think we have something special. And we’ve assembled a hell of a cast and crew. There may not be room for us at the mouse house, but I think I hear some new doors opening..."

Along with that, Ball shared concept art by Seth Engstrom (shown above).

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