SHAZAM!'s MARY MARVEL Says She has a Five-Movie Deal

Michelle Borth
Credit: Kathy Hutchins /

Michelle Borth landed her role as the adult transformed Mary Bromfield in Shazam! (based on the comic book Mary Marvel, though her heroic identity isn't named in the film) after auditioning via tape without knowing what the role would be - an audition that she says landed her a five-picture movie deal.

“I had never gotten a role from one taped audition, let alone a five-picture deal with Warner Bros. from a one-tape audition," Borth told Parade while discussing her unorthodox audition process. "You always have to go through a really long process. There’s a fight to get there, so it was a really incredible moment. That’s all I can say. It was one of those really magical moments of, ‘Oh, my God. You hear about this sometimes. Every now and then, this happens,’ and that was mine. I did a great dance, an interpretive dance, and had a lot of fun with it, and then forgot, and that was it.”

An actor signing a five-picture deal for a potential franchise role isn't uncommon - especially in superhero movies. It's not necessarily an indication that Borth will appear as Mary Marvel (or whatever her DC movie name may wind up being) in five films - though with a Shazam! sequel reportedly being written and Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam spin-off in the works, it's also not impossible.

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