KICKSTARTER Partners with KODANSHA For Japanese Manga Initiative

Kodansha Comics
Credit: Kodansha Comics

Kickstarter is partnering with Kodansha for broad initiative to encourage more manga-ka in Japan. The crowdfunding platform will provide Kodansha "the tolls, knowledge and resources to help creators in Japan bring projects to life on our global platform." Kodansha will act as both an organizer and an advisor to these creators.

"Like Kickstarter, Kodansha is a private company focused on championing each individual creator," says Taro Kodama, Kickstarter’s Country Manager, Japan. "With Kickstarter, Kodansha’s team of over 500 experts will strengthen the bridge between talented creators in Japan and the rest of the world. We are excited to see how this new partnership will impact other markets to induce more creativity everywhere."

No specific details were announced.

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