Spider-Man: Far From Home Lego

Some new LEGO sets for Marvel Studios and Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel movie confirm the identities of two of the film’s villains – and raise some questions of their own.

These LEGO sets now confirm that two classic Spider-Man villains are among the Elementals, the film’s larger-than-life villains. As speculated, the water Elemental is Hydro-Man, and the fire Elemental is Molten Man, whose traditional comic book name spellings are employed here.

Traditionally, Marvel’s LEGO sets have been fairly accurate representations of what is seen onscreen in the eventual films – and the sets seen here correspond with portions of the film’s trailer.

In comic books, there are four Elementals - Hydron, with water powers; Magnum, with Earth-based abilities; Hellfire, who controls flame; and Zephyr, with the power of wind – but the trailers have shown only fire, water, and earth Elementals.

Interestingly, in comic books, Molten Man is actually Mark Raxton, step-brother to Liz Allan, who, in MCU continuity, is the daughter of the Vulture. No apparent connection between the film Liz Allan and Molten Man, who has slightly different powers than the comic book version, who has hardened gold skin that can heat to burning.

The inclusion of two classic Spidey-foes as stand-ins for the comic book Elementals of course raises the question of whether the earth Elemental seen in the trailer could be Sandman.

And let’s not forget, we still have questions about whether that’s really Nick Fury.

The official descriptions for each set are included in the gallery that follows. Spider-Man: Far From Home is due out in theaters July 5.

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