Wow, does anybody else have a really stiff neck after all that headshaking?

With the Time Lords on the way back and The Master in control of the world, could there still be a greater force on its way, the one that will bring The Doctor to his doom? There's only one way to know - spoilers up, and Let's roll, Kato...

THE END OF TIME part two

By Russell T. Davies

Directed by Euros Lyn

After a brief pre-credits recap, the episode starts on Gallifrey, home of the Time Lords. It's in ruins - the capital city dome breached, and Dalek saucers laid in pieces on the ground. We are obviously looking at the end of a massive war of attrition against the Daleks in the Last Great Time War that The Doctor has been alluding to since the return of the new series. The Lord President asks for the whereabouts of The Doctor - they have no idea where he is. He possesses "The Moment", and they know his intentions - to lock both the Time Lords and the Daleks in a bubble of time, making the rest of the universes safe from them both. The Visionary (a woman seated at the end of the council table, face covered in patterns resembling henna tattoos) has predicted the fall of the Time Lords, ramblingly describing it as "burning, falling, so burning" Her prophecies all point to the end of the Time War, and the end of the Time Lords. One Time Lady suggests that this may be for the best - with millions dying at the heart of the Time War every moment, only to be resurrected and die again. The Lord President thanks her for her opinion, by blasting with what certainly appears to be another in the line of the Resurrection Gloves from the first series of Torchwood (perhaps an opposite pair exists?), reducing her to nothingness. He makes it clear that neither he nor the Time Lords will die this day. One part of the Prophecy talks of two survivors, who they interpret as The Doctor and The Master, and one repeating word...Earth.

Back on earth, we're back to the Doctor, trussed up in the Hannibal Lecter chair that The Master was in earlier. Wilf is tied to a chair, and The Master is communicating with all his other selves across the world. Missile codes are being sent to him, and he's centralizing command of enough power to make Earth into a warship. He mocks The Doctor,  and Wilf starts giving him lip. "Your 'Dad' is still kicking up a fuss," says the Master, to which Wilf replies that he'd be proud if he were.  As The Master tells him to shush, a phone rings. Specifically, Wilf's mobile. This shouldn't be possible, as the entirety of the Human population is now The Master, so...who's calling?

He searches Wilf's pockets, and finds his gun, which he tosses away. He finds the phone..."Who's 'Donna'?" The Master asks. Donna is unaffected by The Master's plan due to being half Time Lord now, and is hiding from the other Master-beings. Wilf explains that the Doctor had done something to her, trying to explain the Metacrisis from last season's finale. They try to trace the call, and he tells all of himselves on her street to fan out and find her. She is surrounded, and the shock begins to awaken her memories of her adventures with The Doctor. She screams, there's a blast of energy from her head, and both the rampaging Masters and she collapse to the ground. Wilf is afraid she's died, but the Doctor smiles under his gag and winks. He left Donna with a defense mechanism, the energy blast. He promises she's fine, she'll just sleep. The Master asks The Doctor where his TARDIS is. The Doctor starts to tell The Master what a genius he is, and how he simply doesn't need to rule the universe, "just see it...that's ownership enough". He seems to reach The Master, and he softens and asks that if he does, will the incessant pounding in his head stop?  The Doctor offers to help.  The Master wonders what he'd be without that noise, and The Doctor wonders what he'd be without The Master.

Wilf asks what noise he's referring to, and we get a flashback of The Master's childhood (first seen in The Sound of Drums) Made to stare into the Time Vortex itself, he first began to hear the four-beat sound that has filled his mind endlessly, even when he used the Chameleon arch to disguise himself as Professor Yana in Utopia).

We cut back to Gallifrey, and the council is also discussing The Master and the sound in his head.  Dismissed as a sign of his insanity, the Lord President recognizes it for what it truly is; the heartbeat of a Time Lord.

The Master, back on Earth, has an epiphany - the noise is in his head, but now it's in every head on Earth.  He asks The Doctor to tell him again what he said in that cave; that "something was returning," and talk of the end of time.  The Master believes that whatever is returning is the one making the sound, and with six billion people amplifying it, he can find its source. He "realizes" that he is the answer to The Doctor's prophecies.  He once again demands The Doctor's TARDIS, threatening to kill Wilf if he doesn't provide its location. Wilf begs him to stay silent, but a guard draws aim on him. The Doctor, however, realizes something very important - the guard is taller than The Master.  Before he can react, The guard knocks The master out with the butt of his rifle.  It's Rossiter - the male Vinvocci.  His partner Addams rishes in and they try to cut the pair loose.  There are too many straps on The Doctor's chair, so they tilt him back and wheel him out.  Clanking him down the basement stairs (resulting in the funniest line of the episode, "Worst...escape...EVER!") they get away via the Vinvocci teleporter, onto their spaceship,  Wilf is taken aback by the view, and The Doctor, finally freed of his conveyance, races to the flight deck and shuts the ship down, keeping it hidden from Earth's radar. The ship is safe, but they're stranded. 

On earth, The Master instructs all of himselves to listen...listen to that drumbeat, and try to tell where it's coming from.  They find it, and concentrate on it.  Back on Gallifrey, the President is told that they have succeeded in sending the signal back in time, into the time vortex, implanting it in The Master's mind.  This gives them a link to where the Master is now, which is on Earth.  But they need to make the link physical.  Trapped in the Time Lock, they can't escape, but they have the power to send through something small...  The President pulls a gem from his staff, and flings it to the image of Earth before them.  The Doctor sees something shoot into the atmosphere, but can't do anything about it from the ship.  The Master senses it as well, and sends a crew to retrieve it as it falls close to the Naismith mansion. He recognizes it as a White Point Star diamond, a realization that brings him much joy.

Wilf is looking through the Vinvocci spaceship for The Doctor.  The Woman appears before him, warning him that The Doctor must take up arms in his final battle, or all will be lost.  Wilf has the gun he took with him, but isn't sure if The Doctor will take it.  He asks the woman who she is, and all she says is "I was very long ago." Wilf looks down for a moment, and when he looks up, she's gone.  He catches up with The Doctor, who is trying to fix the heating on the ship.  Wilf remarks that he's dreamt of the view from space that he's seeing.  He remarks that his wife's grave is down there, and wonders if the templating The Master did also affected the bodies of the dead.  Wilf continues to reminisce, talking of his time in the Service, in 1948 in Palestine, at the end of the British Mandate. He starts to talk of the bullets flying about him, and stops himself, realizing The Doctor doesn't want to hear about a old man's prattlings.  "I'm older than you", says the Doctor, "I'm 906".  "We must look like insects to you", says Wilf; "I think you look like giants," the Doctor replies. 

Wilf takes out his gun, and tries to give it to The Doctor.  The Doctor calmly refuses.  Asked why he didn't just use it in the mansion on the Master himself, Wilf shrugs that he must have been too scared. Calling back to the Mansion, The Doctor tells Wilf that he'd be proud if he were his Dad. Wilf tries to reason with the Doctor; they both think it's The Master who will kill him, so he should kill The Master first.  He simply replies, "That's how The Master started."  He's killed people, says The Doctor, but worse still, he "got clever" and started tricking people to take their own lives.  "Sometimes," he says, "I think a Time Lord lives too long".  Wilf is still holding the gun, and again The Doctor demurs.  Wilf asks what happens to everyone if The Master dies; The Doctor presumes since the template would be gone, everyone would change back.  Wilf almost loses his temper, telling him not to dare put The Master before the entire earth.  He's nearly in tears, begging the Doctor to save his own life, and he just says "Never."

The Master beams an open broadcast which the ship picks up.  He tells The Doctor of the White Point Star diamond that fell from the sky, a gem that only exists on Gallifrey.  The Doctor realizes what that means...picks up the gun, and runs to the flight deck.

The Master orders the nuclear power source used for the Immortality Gate be turned up full and diverted to the device he's built to bounce the four-beat signal back to its source.  The Doctor picks up the signal in his temporary ship, and so do the Time Lords.  The High Council votes as to whether or not to take this path out of the time lock, and it seems resounding.

On the ship, The Doctor tries to explain how the Time Lords were sealed in a Time Lock, and couldn't get out, except through something that was already there, namely the signal in The Master's head.  The Time Lords were once a great people, but the endless war changed them, made them something altogether different, something that needed stopping.  He gets the ship systems running again (been working on them all along) and tells Rossiter and Wilf to man the laser cannons, because as soon as he fires up the ship, The Master will fire all the missiles of the earth at them.  He races into the atmosphere, with missiles heading at them.  Wilf and Rossiter do a good job in keeping them off their tail. and the ship heads for Britain, specifically the Naismith mansion.  It appears for all the world that the Doctor plans to ram the mansion.

The Time Lord vote has been made, with only two voting against the plan.  They are made to kneel, their faces covered as testament to their disagreement, in the form of "The Weeping Angels."  The President and his advisors make their way out of the Time Lock to Earth, where The Master is waiting happily.  As The Doctor pilots the Vinvocci ship towards the mansion, Wilf asks if this is the moment of his death.  He won't stop The Doctor, but he just wants to know.  The Doctor remains silent, and at the last moment, pulls the ship up from its dive bomb path.  He opens an escape hatch, and gun in hand, leaps out of the ship.  he crashes through the glass roof of the lab room, falling to the ground between the Time Lords and The Master.  He tries to raise the gun at the President, but can't summon the strength.

The Vinvocci ship is racing away, but Wilf demands they turn back and land to help The Doctor.  Addams grudgingly complies, and the ship makes its way back.

The Lord President greets both The Doctor and The Master, commenting how ironic it is that The Master, "our most infamous child" is responsible for their return.  The Master reveals his plan - he now aims to imprint his template onto the Time Lords, quite a jump up from the Human race.  But the Lord President literally waves his plan off - he holds out his gauntleted hand and un-does The Master's imprint over the entire human race in an instant.  The Master, backpedaling, reminds the President that he still brought them here, and deserves some credit for that.  The President all but ignores him, declaring, "The approach begins".  The Doctor has to explain to The Master, the prophecy wasn't someONE is coming, but someTHING is coming.  It's not just the Time Lords that are returning, but the planet Gallifrey.  It begins to appear, much too close to Earth for our planet's good, resulting in no small amount of panic to the newly re-humanized populace.  Wilf is racing into the mansion while everyone else including the Naismiths are racing out, only to be met with the site of another planet in the sky.  The Master is still demanding credit for his actions as everything collapses around them.  Wilf sees a technician trapped in the control room of the power source, and jumps in to release him, as the Doctor warns him not to do it.  The Master thinks this must be a wonderful event, the return of the Time Lords, but The Doctor tries to explain what they had become.  By the end of the Time War, new horrors had been created, worse even than the Daleks, and if the Time Lords are free, they all are free.  The Time Lords plan to initiate what they refer to as The Final Sanction, in which they will destroy the universe itself, convert themselves to pure consciousness, beings free of creation and the constraints of time.  That's why The Doctor was forced to seal them all in the Time Lock, to prevent them doing it.  The Master, however, simply asks to be taken along.  The President looks at him with disdain, calling him "diseased, albeit a disease of our own making."  He raises his gauntlet to destroy The Master...

...and The Doctor pulls his gun, aiming it at the President.  The President suggests The Doctor choose his enemy wisely.  The Doctor then turns and takes aim at The Master.  He realizes that the link to Gallifrey is in his head, so if The Doctor kills him, the link will be severed.  Looking at The Doctor, he knows he could never do it, calling him a coward.  The Doctor turns back towards the President, who mocks him, stating that his last act will be that of murder, it's only a mystery as to who it'll be.  Behind the President, one of the two who voted no lowers her hands; it's The Woman who has been contacting Wilf.  The Doctor recognizes her immediately.. She does not speak, but her eyes dart to a point in the room.  The Doctor turns back towards to the Master, and say "Get out of the way", and the amplifier behind him.

The amplifier explodes, severing the link.  The Time lords begin to fade, but the President is determined The Doctor will die with them.  He raises his gauntlet, and The master jumps back up, and mirroring the Doctor, says "Get out of the way." He begins to unleash energy bolts at the President, focusing all his hate upon the man who was responsible for the madness-inducing drumbeat in his head for all those years.  They are locked in struggle as the Time Lords and Gallifrey return to the void together.

The fight is over, the battle won...and the Doctor is still alive.  The Earth rejoices, and The Doctor can't believe he's survived...

knock knock knock knock...

knock knock knock knock...

knock knock knock knock...

Wilf, still locked in the power chamber, is tapping gently on the glass.  The Doctor realizes what's happening.  Wilf semi-comically remarks that the room is making a hell of a racket, and wonders if he can't be let out.  The nuclear bolt is in overload, and will flood the control chamber any moment.  It'll be contained by the Vinvocci glass of the chamber, but anyone locked inside will surely die.  And The Doctor can't even use his Sonic Screwdriver on it, as just about any fiddling with the controls will start the overload.  The only way to let Wilf out if to go into the other side of the chamber and open the door for him.  Wilf realizes what that means, and tells The Doctor to leave him.  He's an old man and The Doctor has so much more to do.  The Doctor almost has a tantrum, talking about how there's so much more he could do for the  world, and how it really isn't fair.  But he gets it out of his system, enters the chamber, and lets Wilf out.  The chamber glows red and The Doctor moans in agony as half a million rads bathe him.

The overload ends, and The Doctor stirs.  He's absorbed the entire output of the chamber.  Wilf thinks he's okay, he even notices that the scrapes and scars he got from the fall are gone.  The Doctor realizes that means exactly the opposite - his regeneration has started.  Wilf hugs him gently.

Back in Cheswick, Donna is still asleep - Julian and her Mom had found her and brought her inside.  As the sound of the TARDIS materializing ca be heard, she wakes up, fine but with no memory of what happened, and just as well.  Outside, Wilf exits the TARDIS and Mrs. Noble comes out to greet them. The Doctor wishes Wilf well, and tells him he'll probably see him one more time.

"Where are you going?" Wilf asks.

To get my reward."

We cut abruptly to a firefight, where Martha Jones, looking very hard in leather and packing a rifle is running between explosions.  She races to catch up with her partner, none other than Mickey Smith.  Not only have they gone into private practice as alien hunters, the two have gotten married.  They're trying to take out a rogue Sontaran, who is at that moment drawing a bead on them.  He raises his rifle to fire, but is taken down by a blow to his probic The Doctor, wielding the same rubber mallet Donna brought one down with.  The pair see him up over the slumped body of the Sontaran - he just acknowledges them and walks off.

On Bannerman Road, Luke Smith is not watching where he's going...and The Doctor rushes out and saves him from being hit by a passing car.  Luke recognizes him, and races off to find his Mum, Sarah Jane.  She sees him just as he gets into his TARDIS.  They lock eyes, and he waves good bye.

In an interstellar bar filled with aliens (including a Slitheen, a Graske, two Hath, a Judoon and an Adipose), Captain Jack Harkness is drowning his sorrows.  A note is handed to him from the barman, "From the man over there", namely the Doctor.  The note simply reads, "His name is Alonso."  The Doctor motions to the man sitting next to Jack, who we recognize as Midshipman Alonso Frame, late of the Starship Titanic.  Jack starts to chat him up, and they hit it off. The Doctor leaves quietly.

Verity Newman is signing copies of her book "A Journal of Impossible Things", based on a journal owned by her Great-Grandmother, Joan Redfern.  The Journal belonged to a wonderful man Joan knew named Professor John Smith, and Verity wrote a book based on his dreams in the journal.  A man asks for his copy to be signed "The Doctor".  She remarks that's a coincidence, that was the name Smith used in his Journal.  She looks up, and realizes who it is standing there.  "In the end, was she happy?" is all he asks.  Verity replies "Yes, she was.  Were you?"  He smiles, takes the book and walks off.

Donna Temple-Noble emerges from the chapel, happily married to Julian.  Everyone is happy, Wilf is dancing and prancing around...and Mrs. Noble notices The Doctor across the field.  He and Mrs. Noble go to greet him, happy that he still looks well.  He says he can't stay, just stopped by to drop off a present for the happy couple.  He doesn't carry money, he explains, so he popped back in time and borrowed a pound from a very nice man, Mr. Jeffrey Noble, Donna's late dad.  With the pound, he bought the happy couple a gift - a lottery ticket (presumably a winner).  Wilf salutes him, and The Doctor walks off alone.

At the Powell Estate, Rose and Jackie Tyler are walking in the snow back to their flat.  Jackie heads off for a date, and Rose heads home.  A man in the shadows groans in pain, and Rose asks if he's had a big much to drink.  Hidden by the shadows, The Doctor says "something like that".  He asks the date - it's January 1st, 2005 - before he and Rose have met.  He says to her, "I bet you're gonna have a great year."  She smiles and walks off.

The Doctor collapses in the snow, and see Ood Sigma appear again.  He says he and the universe will sing The Doctor to his rest.  He makes his way back to the TARDIS, takes off, and finally allows his regeneration cycle to continue.  Energy streams from his body - unlike pervious times (maybe from his attempt to hold it back, perhaps due to the extent of the radiation damage),  the energy is so great it damages both the interior and the exterior of the ship.  The Doctor's regeneration completes - he appears to be an even younger man now, with longer hair.  He takes a quick recce of his new body, and almost forgets that the TARDIS is crashing.  He leaps to the console with a whoop and a cry of "GERONIMOOOOoooooo!!!!!"

Any questions about the choices made by Davies in the previous episode were burned away in this one.  Simm pulls his performance back a tick, and his scenes with both Tennant and Dalton work very well.  There's not a scene between Tennant and Cribbins that doesn't just sing.  The Doctor spends the whole story opening up to Wilf, letting him know what's coming, and what the near-death of regeneration feels like, only to have to go through it because of him.  his sacrifice is in direct reaction to Wilf's selfless act to let the unnamed technician out of the control room, tho indeed, The Doctor would do the same for that total stranger.  In fact, it's a way to atone for his act of hubris at the end of Waters of mars, when he starts referring to "the little people" that don't matter.  This is The Doctor back to form, risking himself for one person.  Yes, he rails against the dying of the light, but there's not a moment that he doesn't know he's going into that little glass room.  It works perfectly.

The coda with meeting and saving the lives of all his old friends one more time in indeed his "reward" - he gets to say goodbye to them, not with words, but with one last act of kindness.

As soon as Matt Smith hits the screen, the entire mood changes.  While Tennant's Doctor is obviously melancholy, Smith's is bubbling with life, riding the plummeting TARDIS like a rollercoaster.  Even the music of the scene undergoes a radical change, from operatic chorale to driving electric guitars.  Might we have just heard a snippet of the new DW Theme in there, or at least an idea of how the music will sound?  So many questions, so much excitement at what is to come. 

Director Euros Lyn tried something interesting through the story, taking cuts from multiple takes, overlapping them and using them all in one shot, giving the character's speech and thoughts a very disjointed feel.  He used it several times in The Master's rants about his hunger, and again with Matt Smith in the closing.  What seemed disconcerting at first revealed itself to be a very nice way to get across the jumbled thoughts of the characters.  A very nice idea.

BACKGROUND BITS AND BOBS - Trivia and production details

SET PIECES The robes the Time Lords wear are based on the designs from Deadly Assassin, but the robes the young Master wears when he is made to gaze into the Time Vortex were also based on an old episode - the robes the Time Lords wore in their first appearances in The War Games.

In a classic bit of the old flim-flam, after a series of sprawling CGI shots of Gallifrey, and a later return to the massive Council chamber, the scenes of the President's advisors are in an empty set surrounded by black curtains.  The darkness gives the impression of a cavernous chamber that's just too big to light.  A classic example that even in the days of CGI, they can still get away with the simplest of effects. Contrariwise, when the Time Lords appear in the Naismith mansion with a solid white light behind them, what seems like it should be a simple white backdrop is in fact a huge empty room behind them, painted white and lit to blinding. A white curtain or backdrop would have made shadows and wouldn't have looked right, the lighting director told them in the design phase.  (At the wrap party, that's where they set up the bar)

FACE DANCES TONIGHT - In the original design and how it was filmed, the Vinvocci had green spiky heads, but faded to a more "normal" human flesh tone.  In close-ups it looked good, but in long shots it simply looked like the make-up crew forgot to apply the green paint to their face.  So The Mill, the special effects company responsible for the CGI on the show went in and tinted the Vinvocci faces green to match the headpieces.  However, if you watch this episode, you'll catch a couple moments where either they missed a shot, or didn't do as a good job as they could have done.  Look at Rossiter (the male) during the scenes where the ship is diving into the atmosphere - he looks quite pasty for a moment or two.

I'M THE NEW GUY... - Matt Smith's brief scene as The Doctor was written by new showrunner Steven Moffat, and is a solid first look at the personality of the new Doctor.  Back in the day, the regeneration scene was only a second or two, sometimes with no dialogue at all.  The regeneration is usually teamed with a period of mental instability - amnesia, strange behavior, occasionally resulting in previous personalities emerging for moments.  Sometimes a near-comatose state occurs after a brief period of lucidity, as with Tennant in his first story, The Christmas Invasion.  It'll be interesting to see what happens to the new Doctor after he lands his TARDIS.  Considering the state of it, it'll be curious to see what happens to the TARDIS. (Actually that's not much of a secret - we've already seen shots of the new TARDIS exterior, and there's a couple fleeting glimpses of the interior in the new teaser.

"Like the Weeping Angels of old" The chilling villains from Blink get another mention, and based on the BBC Teaser for the Matt Smith season, will be seen again next year. 

"You, what's your name?" The Doctor never actually learns Rossiter and Addams' actual Vinvocci names in the episode, thought there was a scene cut out that explained it.  Russell explains that they were both named "Shamshay" (sic), with only the slightest of alterations in pronunciation to differentiate the two.

Similarly, the name of the Vinvocci ship is never mentioned onscreen; it's the Hesperus.  This continues the whimsical alien tradition started in Voyage of the Damned of naming their ships after famous Earth craft, never knowing they've chosen ships involved in spectacular wrecks.  I expect The Doctor to land on the Edmund Fitzgerald any time now.

"No, no, every word of it's true..." Verity Newman is named after Verity Lambert and Sydney Newman, the first producers of Doctor Who.  They wee also honored in Human Nature as the names of "Professor John Smith's" parents, Verity and Sydney.

HERE COME THE DRUMS, HERE COME THE DRUMS - "I wouldn't have written the noise in The master's head it it weren't real", says Russell T. Davies in the commentary for this episode.  One of the crewmembers came up with the idea that the sounds was a Time Lord's heartbeat during The Sound of Drums.  Everyone thought it was a tip of hat to the four beat in the theme song, but in fact Russell admitted it came from his alarm clock, which had a beat of four as its tone.


We got of teases thrown right back in our face with this episode, and to be honest, that's a good thing. 

Wait a minute...Rassillon? Rassilon was the founder of the Time Lords - he captured the black hole that became the Eye of Harmony, the power source for all the Time Lords' amazing technology. He created the Bowships to fight the Great Vampires. And he's really most sincerely dead - his tomb is in the heart of the Death Zone on Gallifrey. Most likely that the Time Lord played by Timothy Dalton has simply taken the name, as a sign of what these final Gallifreyans thought was a return to the days of glory that Rassilon first brought them. No official explanation has been given, and unless we see the Time Lords return (and really, what are the odds of that?) we likely won't get one.

So who WAS she? The electric-type internet was abuzz with clever theories as to who The Woman (Claire Bloom) was in the story, only to learn...nothing.  Other than she was indeed a fellow Time Lord/Lady, one of the two who voted against the escape from the Time Lock, her true name and secrets were left blissfully unresolved.  The hot theories were that she was The Doctor's Mother (one that Julie Gardner touted as her personal favorite), Lady Romanadvoratneludnar, The Doctor's companion for some time and in the Big Finish Adventures, the eventual Lord President herself, while others suggested Chancellor Flavia (first introduced in The Five Doctors, IMS) The Doctor's granddaughter Susan, somehow returned to Gallifrey (The like about being "so lost" could be used as a case there) and a plethora of others.  And the answer?  Well, Russell chose not to tell, and in honesty, I think that was the best move.  Besides leaving a thread for others to pick up, it might have made the whole episode reek too much of over-cutesy coincidence, something that many were complaining of after episode one.  Plus, it'll give us something to go on about for years.  I'm actually slightly more curious to know who the OTHER holdout in the vote was.  They appeared female as well, so it's not impossible that if The Woman wasn't any of the guesses made, the other nay-sayer could be.

And what about him? Similarly, I think it was for the best that the only connection the Doctor and Wilf had was that he was the one fated to bring The Doctor's end on.  The teases in the narrative to calling Wilf his "dad" was almost certainly a deliberate red herring as that was one of the hot Clever Theories since last season.  Of course, if that were true, that'd make The Doctor and Donna related, and would have rendered a number of scenes in the previous season quite creepy indeed. However, there is ONE more thing. Wilfred Mott? Rearrange those letters, and you get Time Lord FTW.

GUEST STAR REPORT - Russel Tovey (Alonso Frame) made his first and only appearance on Who in The Voyage of the Damned, and has since gone on to find fame as the werewolf George on BBC's Being Human.  According to rumor and off-hand comments by Davies, Tovey was in the running to be the eleventh Doctor, the role of course going to Matt Smith.

Jessica Hynes (Verity Newman) aside from player her own great-grandmother in the Paul Cornell masterpiece Human Nature, is best known for being the co-star of Spaced, the series she did with Simon Pegg.

NEXT TIME ON DOCTOR WHO - If you've been lucky enough to catch the BBC teaser trailer for Matt Smith's run on Doctor Who (which is cryptically being referred to as "Series One"), you will notice the following in rapid succession:

  • Professor River Song
  • Just a bit of the new TARDIS set (If you can take your eyes off The Doctor and River Song snogging)
  • The Weeping Angels
  • The return of the Silurians and the Sea Devils, something that's been rumored for a couple years now
  • A Dalek, specifically one wearing a WWII equipment belt (!)
  • The Doctor punching a guy
  • The Doctor firing (or at least aiming) a pistol
  • The return of Magpie Electricals
See you all in the Spring.

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