James Hudnall Dies - Report

Espers #3
Credit: Gary Leach (Eclipse Comics)
Credit: Mick Austin (Eclipse Comics)

Writer James Hudnall has passed away, according to reports from his collaborators including artist Matt Cossin, with whom Hudnall was developing a new comic book series titled Agenda prior to his death. Hudnall reportedly died Tuesday, April 9 of unspecified causes.

"It is with great sadness that I make this post. But James’ sister, Susan, has informed me that my good friend, writer and collaborator, James Hudnall, has passed away," Cossin wrote on Facebook. "James was one of the very few kind hearted, genuine people I have ever met. I still can’t believe it. I will post any updates here as I get them."

Hudnall, an U.S. Air Force veteran, joined the comic industry in 1985 after taking a position as Eclipse Comics' Marketing Director. Hudnall parlayed that into writing, launching the title Espers with the company a year later. The San Diego-based writer went on write a number of work-for-hire projects including Marvel's Alpha Flight and Strikeforce: Morituri, and DC's Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography.

Credit: John Estes (Harris Comics)

Hudnall was one of the original writers on Malibu Comics' Ultraverse line, and his creator-owned series Harsh Realm was later adapted by X-Files' Chris Carter as a Fox television series of the same name.

In the late 1990s, Hudnall began splitting his time between comic writing, political journalism, and computer programming. From 2009 to 2012, Hudnall wrote commentaries and cartoons for Breitbart.com.

In 2017, Comic-Con International: San Diego awarded Hudnall with an Inkpot Award for his contributions to comic books.

Before his death, Hudnall was working on the aforementioned Agenda series with artist Matt Cossin, and was consulting on APMG's graphic novel series Adam Post's College of the Dead.

"He was a very prolific and extraordinarily talented and helpful individual," former Harris Publications creative director Mark Mazz told Newsarama. "James' Harsh Realm series published by Harris Comics, which evolved into a brilliant tv series is a high point that many have always looked to as a high watermark. James D. Hudnall's passing is a great loss and he will be sorely missed."

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