A Shell-Shocked Crusader Comes to 2019 in KNIGHTS TEMPORAL

Knights Temporal
Credit: Fran Galan/Simon Bowland (AfterShock Comics)
Credit: Fran Galan/Simon Bowland (AfterShock Comics)

Writer Cullen Bunn is taking a medieval knight and transporting him to modern times in the new AfterShock Comics creator-owned series Knights Temporal. Illustrated by Fran Galan, Knights Temporal follows Auguste de Riviere, a Templar Knight back from the Crusades with a heart full of guilt over his deeds. Word of an evil sorcerer in a nearby forest routes de Riviera out of his pity party - and into a chase that eventually takes him on a trip through time.

Credit: Fran Galan/Simon Bowland (AfterShock Comics)

"This is a weird fantasy tale. It's the story of Auguste, a medieval knight in search of redemption, who pursues a vile necromancer into a forbidden, haunted forest," Bunn said. "It is said that no one who enters this forest ever leaves. This is not the case for Auguste, though. He leaves the forest - but when he exits, he finds himself in another time. And another time. And another time."

"Auguste's very existence is shattered and cast through time and space. He exists over and over again in multiple eras. And in all of those eras, he has the same goal - to stop the necromancer's evil plans," the writer continued. "There's a strange connection between all of these different 'instances' of Auguste's existence, one that can be both a boon and a deadly disadvantage, as you'll see. How did Auguste find himself in such a strange predicament? Well, for that you'll need to read the comic."

Here is the advance solicitation for July 31's Knights Temporal. Look for AfterShock's full July 2019 solicitations later this month.

Credit: Fran Galan/Simon Bowland (AfterShock Comics)

KNIGHTS TEMPORAL #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Full Color / ON SALE 07.31.19
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Fran Galan
Letters: Simon Bowland
Cover: Fran Galan
1:10 Incentive Cover: Nat Jones
1:25 Lenticular Incentive Cover: Mike Rooth
When Auguste de Riviere returned from the Crusades, he was ashamed and horrified by the things he had done. Hoping to reclaim his soul, he pledged to root out evil wherever it might be found. But when he pursues a vile sorcerer into a forbidden forest, his life is shattered. Auguste ventured into the dark forest, but emerged in the modern world. Accompanied now by the enigmatic Jane Fool, Auguste hunts a madman while trying to piece together the mystery of his very existence.

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