GRIMM's Marc Gaffen Enters Comic with African Elephant Drama TUSKERS

Credit: Daniel Govar

Press Release

The African elephant poaching crisis has reached its breaking point, and a herd of orphaned elephants and conservationist decide it’s time to fight back.

Now on Kickstarter -- “Tuskers” is an adventure graphic novel about a herd of orphaned African elephants that must escape a vicious poaching militia in South Sudan to the safety of an animal sanctuary hundreds of miles away in Kenya. Guiding them on this journey is a group of wildlife conservationists who are risking their own lives to help a cause that’s bigger than themselves.

Written by Javier Barrios and Marc Gaffen (NBC’s Grimm) and Illustrated by Daniel Govar (Marvel, DC, Valiant, Dynamite), this 128-page thrilling journey is told from both the human and elephant’s perspective that only the visual format of a large-scale graphic novel can provide.

For more information visit Kickstarter and search “Tuskers,” or click on the following link.

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