Readers' Favorites of 2009 Tourney: LIMITED SERIES Final Rd

Faves of 09 Tourney:LIMITED SERIES Final

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So, we're getting the strange impression that you Readers like Geoff Johns' work a bit. He's a finalist for Favorite Writer. One of his artists is a finalist for Favorite Artist. One of his books is a finalist for Favorite Cover. And now, you're choosing between a Geoff Johns story and a Geoff Johns story for Favorite Limited Series of 2009. While neither Blackest Night nor The Flash: Rebirth finished in 2009, their impact on the greater DCU has already been felt, and their impact on the sales charts are felt with every new issue.

But there can only be one Favorite. Time to vote, and sound off below why Blackest Night or Flash: Rebirth #1 should be  Newsarama's Favorite LIMITED SERIES of 2009.

Remember, you don’t have to be a registered Newsarama reader to participate. EVERYONE can help choose by picking one choice in the below bracket. Voting for the Final Round will remain open for 1 week.

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** 11 Newsarama contributors submitted their lists for their personal Top 20 in each of the five categories. The results were tabulated using a weighted system that awarded an escalating number points according to how high the nominee appeared on the list - 20th place was worth 1 point, 19th place 2 points ... up to 20 points for 1st place.

The final nominee lists for round 1 are the top 16 nominees with the highest point totals in each category.

Each bracket is seeded according to point total, with the highest vote-getter in each bracket moving onto the next round.

The winners of Round 2's polls will go head-to-head in the final round to see who will be crowned champion.

There will be 3 total rounds for each category (the “Sweet 16”, “Final Four” and Finals) eventually resulting in one overall “Favorite of 2009”.

 Remember, these are "Favorite" not necessarily "Best," and it's all based on YOUR votes.

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