Don't Worry, ZOE's Got A Plan in FIREFLY #5 Preview

"Firefly #5" preview

Zoe, River, and most of the crew are on a wagon train to safety but Captain Mal is still tied up and about to be turned into the authorities in a preview of April 24's Firefly #5.

"It’s always a wild ride with the crew of Serenity, but they do leave a bit of a trail throughout the ‘verse made up of people they’ve wronged and others who were collateral damage." said BOOM! Studios' Executive Editor Jeanine Schaefer.. "Serenity is no stranger to grievances and murky pasts, but Mal and Zoe have always managed to pull their crew ahead of the trouble chasing them—until now. How do you escape from your own past?"

Publisher : BOOM! Studios
Retail Price : $3.99
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Dan McDaid
Cover Artists:
Main Cover A: Lee Garbett
Preorder Cover B: Joe Quinones
Incentive Cover C: W. Scott Forbes
Incentive Cover D: Joe Quinones
Synopsis: After the shocking conclusion of the last issue, Mal and Zoe must deal with the full consequences of their actions...and whatever else Boss Moon sees fit. But don't worry, the crew of the Serenity will come together once again...or will they?

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