SHAZAM! Earns An Estimated $322.8m Globally

Credit: New Line Cinema
Shazam! China poster
Shazam! China poster
Credit: New Line Cinema

Updated April 23, 2019: New Line Cinema's Shazam! continues a relatively strong hold on the box office with $322.8m globally by the close of business Sunday, according to Box Office.

The Zachary Levi film has earned an estimated $120.43m in North America to date, with $201.5m coming out of 80 international markets.

With its reported $90m budget, Shazam! is well into the profit margins for Warner Bros. but remains the lowest-grossing modern DC film, behind 2017's Justice League which had $657.9m ($229m domestic, $428.9m international).

Updated April 8, 2019: Zachary Levi's Shazam! has taken in an estimated $158.6 million worldwide after its opening weekend, according to Box Office. Domestically, Shazam! is estimated to have earned $56.77m through Sunday, which includes the Saturday Fandango VIP preview screenings two weeks ago, while internationally its at $102m. Final or "actual" figures for the weekend are expected by Monday afternoon.

"I’m proud and thrilled with such a big win in what continues to be a challenging time to get people in theaters," Warner Bros. Pictures Chairman Toby Emmerich told Variety on Sunday.

Whereas other Hollywood trades estimated Shazam! had a $85-90m budget, Variety mentions a $98m budget. Whatever the final total was, Emmerich said that Shazam! was a budget-conscious effort that so far has succeeed in his eyes.

"As amazing as the Marvel movies are, audiences have come to expect a scale and a scope and a spectacle. It works. But there’s an opportunity, in that circumstance, to make a superhero movie that is smaller. Shazam! relies on a certain kind of charm that makes it different by the nature in its size and tone."

Emmerich signals that Shazam! was done under the New Line Cinema brand was because of the relatively-modest budget compared to Warner Bros.'s other recent DC films.

"New Line’s approach always has been and continues to be not relying on scale and scope, i.e. production spending, to make the movie creatively successful and marketable," said Emmerich.

Variety goes on to report that the next DC film, Joker, has a reported $55m budget. That film is not produced under New Line Cinemas name, however.

Original Story: New Line Cinema's Shazam! has earned $24.9m globally on the eve of its first full day of theatrical release, according to Deadline. With $9.2m already taken in domestically with Thursday previews and a Fandango VIP screening, internationally Shazam! has raked in an additional $15.7m.

Notable individual box offices includeIndonesia ($1.1m), Russia ($946k), Korea ($668k), Austalia ($636k), the UAE ($630k), Brazil ($564k), France ($411k), Taiwan ($371k)

Credit: DC

The Zachary Levi-starrer will open Friday in China, going head-to-head against the local film P Storm. Friday is the kick-off of Tomb Sweeping Day in the Middle Kingom, which Warner Bros. representatives (according to Deadline) say is the third best day to launch a movie in that country. The Hollywood trade expects a $16.4m Friday there, and $45 to $50m by the close of Sunday.

Deadline currently projects Shazam! to take in $100m - $120m overseas and $40m to $45m domestically, adding up to $140m to $165m global tracking figure.

Shazam! debuts in China, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and 22 other territories Friday.


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