VISAGGIO, STEENZ, POLLACK & CASE, More Get Horrific (and Musical) for DEAD BEATS Project

Dead Beats
Credit: Lisa Sterle (A Wave Blue World)
Credit: Ayşegül Sınav (A Wave Blue World)

Doom Patrol's Rachel Pollack and Richard Case are reuniting for one of several stories in an upcoming horror anthology called Dead Beats. Curated by Eric Palicki and Joe Corallo, Dead Beats is musical themed-anthology of horror that publisher A Wave Blue World is raising funds for now on Kickstarter.

"I’ve always found the most compelling anthologies to be those with a clear theme. Each story fits together like pieces of a puzzle creating a whole," said AWBW's President/Co-Publisher Tyler Chin-Tanner. "With Dead Beats, we’ve accomplished just that while still giving each creator enough room to tell their own thrilling tale of mystery and suspense."

Credit: Lisa Sterle (A Wave Blue World)

Creators involved with Dead Beats include Brent Schoonover, Jen Hickman, Taylor Esposito, Lisa Sterle, Vita Ayala, Liana Kangas, Claudia Aguirre, Lauren "Renfamous" Cooper, Matthew Erman, Sally Cantirino, Marie Enger, Ivy Noelle Weir, Christina "Steenz" Stewart, Zakk Saam, Matthew Summo, Dan Buksa, Nadia Shammas, Sweeney Boo, Kwanza Osajyefo, Eva Cabrera, Tres Dean, Daniel Kibblesmith, Rafer Roberts, Aysegul Sinvav, Regine Sawyer, Magdalene Visaggio, and Cecil Castellucci.

"Music and Horror are the ultimate pairing to me," said Sawyer.

Dead Beats' stories are all connected around the idea of a music store that has a number of unusual artifacts and curiousities. Akin to Tales from the Crypt's Crypt Keeper, the music shop's shoppe keeper guides the reader through each story.

Credit: Jen Hickman (A Wave Blue World)

"I am so pumped to be working on Dead Beats with Joe Corallo and the rest of the team," said Sterle. "When they approached me to design the main character and pitched me on the anthology, I absolutely knew I had to be involved. Horror and music are such big sources of inspiration for me! I also had the opportunity to stretch my wings a bit and fully colour my own pages for the first time so I cannot wait to share. This is gonna be a phenomenal book."

For the Kickstarter, AWBW has added exclusive awards just as original art by Jen Hickman and one-on-one portfolio reviews by the company's Editorial Director Joe Illidge.

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