BETTE MIDLER Drags MARVEL Movies, But Would Do a Comic Book Movie

Bette Midler
Bette Midler
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Iconic actor/singer Bette Midler isn't a fan of Marvel Studios, but she would be interested in doing a comic book-based movie of a superhero film if the part is right.

"I don’t really [enjoy Marvel movies], to tell you the truth," Midler told Variety. "They’re unbearably loud. They make such a racket. They don’t really have any decent dialogue. And there’s a lot of explosions. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like explosions. I’m not really an action fan. I think it’s something for young men. They like noise."

Midler said she would do a comic book-based movie "As long as I don't have to bring the coffee," and asked about having roles such as "a grandma superhero".

"Plus, when they’re going to have a grandma superhero, I’m up for it. Wonder Grandma!," Midler said. "That’s basically what they are making."

That brings to mind the DC's Granny Goodness. The character was based on actor/comedian Phyllis Diller, whom Midler is an avowed fan of. Ava DuVernay is currently developing a New Gods movie for Warner Bros., so maybe there's something there.

Midler's next major role is voicing Grandmama in the new animated adaptation of the comic strip Addams Family.

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