MARVEL's Shareholders Approve DISNEY Merger


It's official. As of yesterday, December 30, 2009, Marvel Entertainment's shareholders have approved the merger with The Walt Disney Company.

The details of the vote itself were not released, but the necessary majority was reached. The merger isn't officially official just yet, however. After satisfying the SEC, by the end of business today, Marvel Entertainment will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney. While no official plans for Marvel properties have been released yet, but speculation of rapid adaptation of Marvel's comic book properties has run rampant across comic book news sites and mainstream news sources alike.

2010 will start with a new parent company for the current Direct Market leader, but it's not the only change. The number two American comic book company, DC Entertainment, was also restructured to be brought under the direct purview of Warner Bros Entertainment in 2009, to more efficiently develop the comic book properties into films and television shows.

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