Yes, SHAZAM! Has Post-Credits Scenes

Credit: New Line Cinema
Credit: New Line Cinema

Shazam! is poised to become the world’s mightiest movie this weekend, likely storming the box office like lightning and putting its hero in the hearts of families everywhere. While this family-oriented blockbuster largely stands apart from the previously established DC film universe, there’s one ongoing superhero movie tradition the film still embraces – the stinger scene.

Now don’t worry, we’re not gonna spoil the surprises in Shazam!’s two post-credits sequences (though we will spill the beans and say one of them provides a direct DC connection).

However, for those looking to get the full picture, the two scenes at play do add something to the film, closer to the current Marvel movie scheme of adding in-jokes or callbacks than the “Phase 1” gimmick of directly setting up the next film.

For more on exactly what to expect from the Big Red Cheese’s film debut, check out our spoiler-free review right here.

So Shazam! audiences prepared to get up and strike out as soon as the credits hit, stay in your seats – there’s still more movie to come.

Shazam! opens in North American theaters April 5.

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