JUSTICE LEAGUE #21 Tests the Team's Dedication to 'Justice' - SPOILERS

Justice League #21
Credit: DC
Credit: DC

The mythical “World Forger” finally showed up in Scott Snyder’s Justice League this week, and he claims that the only way to save the Multiverse from certain destruction is to eliminate everyone who might choose to be bad.

Wait. Would the Justice League buy into such an idea? To preemptively stop any crime before it can happen?

Of course not, although by the end of Justice League #21, it looks like maybe, only Batman is buying into the idea.

At the same time, Superman is still trapped in a pocket dimension designed to trap him, and Mr. Mxyzptlk is starting to actually “un-imagine” the DCU from existence. 

Justice League #21is the third chapter of “The Sixth Dimension” storyline by Snyder and artist Jorge Jimenez, the latest development in the League’s ongoing conflict with Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom.

In this latest issue, readers finally meet the World Forger, the mythical keeper of the “World Forge” who was first introduced during Snyder’s Metal event last year.

(According to that story, the World Forge was where new worlds were formed. The World Forger kept the forge in balance, and he was assisted by his dragon, Barbatos, who destroyed all the “twisted and abominable worlds.” At some point in the past of the DCU, Barbatos killed the World Forger, so it’s not clear yet how this new version of the cosmic creature formed.)

So how did this week’s issue forward the story of “The Sixth Dimension?” Let’s take a look at spoilers and find out:

Who’s That Superman?

The issue begins with Superman punching the Superman of Tomorrow, who is apparently the one who entrapped the DC Superman in a universe designed as a prison for him. (He revealed himself at the end of the last issue.)

The future Superman says that, in every possible future, the person who “dooms” the Multiverse to certain destruction is Superman. So he made this pocket universe to imprison him.

Credit: DC

It becomes clear that Superman can’t win. And the Superman of Tomorrow leaves him there to die.

Elsewhere in the Sixth Dimension, the Batman of Tomorrow (who’s actually a future version of Dick Grayson) tries to convince Bruce Wayne Batman how wonderful this future is.

But Dick explains that, “to get here, hard choices are going to have to be made.”

Suddenly, Martian Manhunter summons Bruce (and the rest of the League) to the psychic boardroom. He wants to share what the Hawkgirl/Manhunter offspring named Shayne has shown him and Kendra (at the end of the last issue — something shocking about this future).

Credit: DC

Well, before the Justice League gets the chance to learn the truth and get the heck out of there (as Shayne urges them to do), the Superman of Tomorrow shows up.

Only he’s not the Superman of Tomorrow.

He’s actually the World Forger.

Changing Mxy

Meanwhile, on the DCU Earth, Mxyzptlk has grown exponentially, towering over the Hall of Justice. Starman, Mera and Jarro (the small version of Starro) are the only ones left to fight him.

Mera says Mxy has “taken on a new form.”

Credit: DC

By linking with Mxy’s mind, Starro learns that the imp is going to “unimagine” everything in existence. And sure enough, the universe appears to be disappearing, and a giant pencil is barely able to keep the DCU in existence.

Back in the Sixth Dimension, the World Forger explains how this “peaceful” version of the DCU came into existence.

“Days from now,” he says, “Lex Luthor will make an argument for doom to every living being.” World Forger claims that it spells doom to every Multiverse he’s explored. “Except here, where one of you devises a method to predict who will side with justice, and who with doom…and you strike first, incapacitating all who would take up arms against you.”

So basically, they eliminated threats before they happened, and if anyone resisted or escaped, they fought them and imprisoned them.

World Forger argues that it’s actually their fault — they were the ones who broke the Source Wall and allowed Perpetua to wake up, threatening the existence of the Multiverse.

And although World Forger thanks the Justice League for fighting on the side of justice, he says it’s now too late for niceties.

A Whole New World

World Forger wants this “justice-ruled” multiverse to replace the existing one. And he wants the Justice League to agree to it willingly.

“Our only hope is to make something fast and brutal, or everyone dies when we reach the judges,” he says.

(Last issue, World Forger explained that when a Multiverse breaks before its final evolution, it’s sent back to the banks on which it was created. Apparently, those banks are the “banks of judgment.” And if the Multiverse has been given over to doom, it sounds like the judges will end the Multiverse. So World Forger thinks that by replacing the old Multiverse with this new one, he might save it from ending.)

The Justice League resists the idea that the future can only exist if anyone who’s not good is eliminated. “Superman would never agree to this,” Wonder Woman points out.

“This is the only future possible,” World Forger counters. “Save only the good, or save no one.”

He demands that they take a vote in their minds, and he says he’ll hear what they think.

So … they apparently do vote. Because suddenly, everyone is transported away to Apokolips, which is now the prison for all people who don’t side with World Forger. Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, John Stewart, Wonder Woman, Flash and even Shayne are now in the middle of a horrible prison.

Wait…where’s Batman? Did he vote differently?

She’s in Charge

Credit: DC

The Justice League looks around and sees various villains in the cells at this prison, but there’s also someone in the prison that looks like an older Bruce Wayne. Apparently, the World Forger and his allies have locked up anyone who disagrees with them.

As the League starts to figure out where they are, dozens of armored guards appear. And who is their leader? It’s Lois Lane, and she claims that she’s the one who killed Superman.

The issue concludes as she takes off her helmet and says to the now imprisoned Justice League: “I destroyed them all, and you will never escape here. I’m Lois Lane, and I run this place.”

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