WAR OF THE REALMS Claims its First Casualties in #1 - SPOILERS

Page from 'War of the Realms #1'
Credit: Marvel Comics

Malekith’s army has arrived on Midgard with this week’s War of the Realms #1 from writer Jason Aaron and artists Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, and with it comes great tragedy for Thor and his Asgardian ilk.

With the War of the Realms already claiming multiple casualties, here’s your war-report from the front lines.

Spoilers ahead for War of the Realms #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics

As the War of the Realms rolls toward Earth/Midgard, Odin sits alone in his chambers on Asgardia mourning the loss of his kingdom. But his grief is short-lived – he’s interrupted by a posse of Malekith’s Dark Elves come to kill him.

Rising to defend himself, it seems Odin has lost a step, as the Dark Elves quickly overwhelm him – apparently killing the venerable king of the gods.

On Earth, Thor and his canine companion Thori are surprised by the sudden arrival of a mortally-wounded Loki, who claims to have double-crossed Malekith and suffered his wrath. Thor demands Loki take him to Malekith through Thori’s objections, and Loki ascents – but it’s a trap.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

It’s not Loki at all – it’s Malekith himself, and he’s enlisted an army of Frost Giants to capture Thor who, like his father, goes down quickly.

From there, Malekith’s forces flood into New York clashing with various Marvel heroes including Spider-Man, Punisher, and the Avengers. But Laufey, King of the Frost Giants, is a force unto himself – almost too much for the Avengers to handle.

Just then, Loki - Laufey's biological son - arrives with a giant sword, cutting off his father’s hand and rallying the heroes alongside his adoptive mother Freyja and the warriors of Asgard. Loki reveals that Malekith has captured Thor, telling Freyja Thor is her “only hope” – just before Laufey suddenly reaches down and snatches him.

In one swift move, Laufey hungrily shoves Loki into his mouth, bloodily devouring him.

This isn't the first time Loki's died in a Marvel Comics event. The original older Loki perished in Siege, leading to his rebirth as a child and his growth into his current young adult incarnation.

The story continues in April 17’s War of the Realms #2.

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