Phil Hester's THE WRETCH Returns For Omnibus Collection

The Wretch
Credit: Phil Hester

Phil Hester is revisiting his Eisner-nominated The Wretch with a 12-page story to be included a new omnibus collection from OmahaBound.

The nearly 400-page the Wretch omnibus will collect all of the character's stories, ranging from the two limited series to the various short stories along the way. OmahaBound has gone back and scanned all of the original pages and remastered the artwork for a modern printing.

Credit: Phil Hester (OmahaBound)

Set in the fictional Glass City, the Wretch acts as the city's watchdog and protector - and they have a lot to be protected from, including aliens, black magic, and the occassional psychotic clown.

"The Wretch is inscrutable, he - if it is a 'he' -  never speaks, appears mysteriously, uses his ill-defined powers to solve a problem in a funky way, then fades back into the night," Hester told Newsarama back in a 2003 interview.

The Wretch omnibus is available for pre-order direct from OmahaBound's website now through April 9, with printing and distribution planned for later this month.

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